Top 5 advice – CrossFit and never been to the gym before


5 don’ts from Nikolaj “Never been to the gym before” Brandt, CrossFit Copenhagen.

1. Don’t listen to the voice inside your head
If you are not used to training hard and pushing yourself, you will soon hear a voice telling you to go easy, that you are doing well, and that you don’t need to push yourself that hard!
The voice is wrong. Ignore the voice – pain is your friend.

2. Don’t settle for 1-2 days a week
Get to the gym often. Even though it is raining, cold, and 6 o’clock in the morning – get up, get going! Find a rhythm and make it part of your routine.
If you want to build strength – persistence is key.

3. Don’t be content with your performance
Contented leads to satisfaction which leads to laziness which again leads to absolutely no improvement at all.
Find your benchmark and strive to beat them. Even though you set PR – keep striving for better.

4. Don’t lose patience
You’ll see improvements but it might feels like it is taking forever.
It does take time building strength and stamina – especially if you ignore my last advice ;0) – don’t stop.

5. Don’t go drinking yourself senseless every weekend
It will give you severe memory loss making you forget what you front squat, power clean and what have you not.
Also it’ll make you suck at the following days’ WODs.

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 advice – CrossFit and never been to the gym before

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  2. Du har helt ret. Jeg bruger selv samme tankesæt – og Nikolaj. Jeg plejer altid at bruge dig som benchmark. Når jeg træner kl 16 SKAL jeg slå din tid fra om morgenen 🙂

  3. Sjovt Sven, jeg bruger Nikolajs resultater fra tavlen på samme måde 🙂

  4. Hvis jeg må citerer helten, poeten og oraklet MC Hammer:

    “Can’t touch this!”


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