Martin Rooney-seminar 5-7 March 2010 @ Butcher’s Lab, Copenhagen

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Butcher’s Lab in Copenhagen will this Friday – Sunday be packed with sports interested athletes from all over Europe wanting to learn more from the world famous coach Martin Rooney, who has created outstanding result for athletes in almost any sport.

The seminar is perfect for:

Law Enforcement/Military
Martial Arts
Strength Coaches/Personal Trainers
Physical therapists/Athlete Trainers

Martin Rooney will be giving exciting and thought provoking lectures that will challenge minds followed by energizing hands-on that will challenge all bodies.

The speed day hands on sessions will focus on proper warm ups, linear speed training drills, change of direction agility drills and the concept of deceleration training.

The strength day hands on sessions will focus on body weight strength exercises, isometric work, hip and leg training and advanced work with physioballs and barbells.

The warrior day hands on session will focus on circuit training, the infamous Hurricane Training of the TFW system, bar complexes and more.

Location: Butcher’s Lab, Høkerboderne 10, 1727 Copenhagen.

Time: Each day will begin at 11 AM and end at 5/6 PM.

Bring: Indoor and outdoor clothes and shoes.

Food is at your own expense.

Participants will receive certificate for participation.

Price: 350 USD/1.800 DKK (still very few spots available)

Danske Bank
Reg. no.: 3121
Account no.: 10588308

IBAN: DK6530000010588308

Or pay secure online here.

Participants: MAX 50 persons.


More detalis on Martin Rooney:

Parisi Speed School:


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