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CrossFit and reaching your goals


 Asger Frøsig, CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Copenhagen.

1. Find your target WOD:

Sometimes you come across that impossible WOD. The whole set-up seems to be designed to bring you down – and it does! Afterward you feel terrible – mentally and physically. You have a feeling of having “lost” to the WOD, and you want to turn that feeling to something positive. Finally, you have found your target WOD!

 2. Set a goal:

You need to establish what result you want to achieve in that particular WOD. Depending on the WOD, this could be a certain time, number of rounds or even doing it RX’ed if that wasn’t possible the first time you tried. Choose a realistic, but impressive goal. If you set the bar too low, you’ll still have that feeling of defeat even after you’ve reached the goal. On the other hand, accept that it will take some time to get there ( my experience is up to 4–5 months).

3. Be prepared  !

Don’t just wait a while and then try again – you need a strategy!

 You need to find out why you failed in the first place. Which weaknesses did it expose? Lack of skills, strength or endurance? Where you mentally well enough prepared? Maybe it was a combination of several factors.

Train your weak spots in the time that follows. Remember to be creative and make it fun! A good coach can help you do this.

Think about the WOD, and the way you would like it to feel the next time! Whats going to prevent you from having that experience?

4. Getting down to it:

Set a date for the WOD some time in advance and prepare yourself mentally to peak on that day. While doing the WOD have someone cheer you on. Choose somebody that you respect and that you’re going to pay attention to.

When finishing the WOD, hopefully you’ll feel relieved and happy! After that you’ll probably feel tired, in pain and nauseous. You’ll collapse and may even meet pukie 😉

5. What’s next ?

Working with something that was formerly a weakness has definitely made you a better crossfitter. Your new skills are going to come in handy in a lot of different WODs.

From time to time you might want to repeat the WOD – just to show it who’s in charge!