CrossFit with style


Yasir Maafri, crossfitter and model, Paideia Gym.

You don’t have to win to be remembered – if you can’t make it fake it ☺ Hell, one of the reasons we are in the gym in the first place is to look good, so lets do it with style!

Two ways to “make love to the camera”…

The authentic look – when you don’t know a picture is being taken it shows the genuine situation and real feeling of the person in the picture at that moment. Watching somebody in blood, sweat and tears struggling during a workout – that’s the beauty of these pictures!

Looking good – strike a pose for the camera. Put on your serious face, smile, act crazy, flex your biceps, raise you arms. Pull on your last resources to make the shot or it will for ever haunt you when published online ☺ Treat every photo like it is your last…and for sure you want to look good on your last picture ever, right?

Advise to make an impression

Keep smiling – a smile with your teeth shows surplus – we all look better when smiling no matter how wasted we are during or after a workout.

Dress to impress – ladies and gentlemen, it is all about the outfit! Color coordinate – like Ditte did at the Danish Crossfit Open, with chequered turquoise socks that goes along with her turquoise top under the black top – and of course the fierce red hair. Respect!


What’s your brand? Brand yourself with a distinctive look or a move that’s all yours. Use it again and again on pictures, you are sure to be noticed. Thor has it down with his flexed bicep and serious facial expression and you know that he is thinking “guns”. Or trademark yourself with a specific piece of clothing. Anders knows how with his red straight-out-of the-80’s very short shorts.


Own the moment! – raise your arms (or as I like to call it; REPRESENT) is always a good way of drawing attention to yourself – especially in a group photo. Sarah often has the pose down to perfection, an example of that is the picture below.

“Be impressed with looks not intensity” quote Anders Kaldan Helstrand.  

Let the battle of the perfect pose begin – ha ha!!!

9 thoughts on “CrossFit with style

  1. Thanks Yasir 😉
    Clothes by Casall and socks by Volcom. Face: “authentic style”.


  2. Always represent! Super funny advise!


  3. Yeah! Finally some advice that can be put into practice! You are my hero, Yasir!

  4. Thanks Yassir!
    Quite surprised that my looks are good enough to make this blog.

    Nice advise on poses 😉

  5. joachim….dit ansigtsudtryk beskriver jo det autentiske look helt perfekt…selvfølgelig skal du med på bloggen.

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  7. I had already planned to wear something ‘special’ to the competition but now that I know I have a chance to compete in the fab as fu*k competition I really have to bring my A game! Can’t wait!

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