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CrossFit and military training

 Jess Hviid Skov, CrossFit Coach and owner of CrossFit Malmö.

1. There are plenty of waiting time in the military, use it for training! You can always put a WOD together!
100 Burpees, WODs on the minute every minute etc. 

2. Civilians pay lots of money for all sorts of gear that the military issue – USE IT!! Run a trip in the flag jacket, uniform, combat boots, helmet ……mix it all the time. Do a Crossfit WOD with full battle gear and see the results.

3. Put a wall of fame up in the gym. Put different WODs together and make a top 5 for every WOD, there is nothing that motivates soldiers more than beating other soldiers!

4. Exercise/shooting camp is no excuse for you not to train!! Exercise and shooting camps is a great opportunity to be a little creative with your training, push a car, use some tracks from an APC to do push press/thrusters, heavy machine gun barrels for OHS, do tire flip, use spades/shovels to dig with. Only your imagination sets the limits!!

5. Prepare yourself for your deployment! Look at what will await you in the theatre of operation, that you are about to deploy to. Are you deploying to The Green Zone in Helmand. Long foot PTR with up to 40 kg of battle gear, hectic fighting where intensity is extremely high, the possibility that you have to carry your wounded comrades to safety, rapid reaction to ambushes, the possibility of having to push yourself so much that you think you cannot continue, but you need to continue! And then prepare yourself physically in the best possible way that can prepare you for those tasks (CrossFit). It must never be the lack of your physics that decides if you live or die!! In the end you and your friends lives depend on how well prepared you are before you deploy!! Don’t take that fact lightly!!

I have over the last couple of years used 3 stages, to explain to soldiers how they will react when fatigue set in!! And those stages can easily cross over and be used by Crossfitters, and I am sure that many Crossfitters will recognize the 3 stages.

These 3 stages are stages that will hit everyone!

Everyone has one time or another been on the 2 first steps! EVERYONE!!

 The difference between a soldier’s world and a crossfitters world is the consequences that come with each stage. In a soldier’s world, the consequences will be a matter of life and death! In a Crossfitters world it is your own self-perception and pride that ends up being hurt. And that can indeed be bad enough 😉

Stage 1: You begin to feel sorry for yourself, finding excuses, “…. it is a little harder for me than for the others, I have heavier equipment on, I have a little pain in the knee” etc.

Stage 2: You begin to be indifferent to your duties, you are so fatigued that you do not have you self together, you let your guard down, get tunnel vision, don’t cover and look down into the ground! (Crossfitters becomes indifferent to counting reps, keep track of the weights, etc.)

Stage 3: This is the last and most serious stage, here you are indifferent to everything, have no survival drive, you just want to sit down because you can´t take it anymore and you give up! And in the end, giving up can cost you your life!

In Crossfit the consequence of stage 3 is that you give up, and you have to live with the humiliation of having a DNF on your CV.

The thing that applies to both worlds, is that we cannot avoid these stages!!  But we can defer them, and realize when each stage is beginning to set in!! The thing that we should focus on is, the longer we can keep these stages off the better. The best thing we can do to prepare us for those situations is to get in those situations as often as possible, so we know how we react to them, and the best way to do so is CROSSFIT!!