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CrossFit for beginners


Emilie Hjortsø, unaffiliated crossfitter based in Vietnam (former CrossFit Copenhagen).

Crossfit beginners: How-to keep on going

The 1st of February 2009, I had my first introductory CF lesson in Crossfit Copenhagen. For a year, I have practiced CF 4-5 times/week and I absolutely love it. I started at point zero and as my most regular CF coach once said, he would have loved to film the way I used my body at the first lesson and how it changed over time. CF has become a very important part of my life and this is how I kept on going.

 1.  Do WOD’s with people who are better than you

It is a given. When doing WOD’s with people that are better than you, you push yourself harder, then you would otherwise. It requires persistence and dedication, since you can NEVER expect to be the best, but continue to rely on your instinct that you are getting better. But I guarantee that you will get better a lot faster, than if you only work out with people at your own level.

2. Write down all your scores

Although many beginners say, that they do not care about their crossfit scores – do not believe them. Write down all your scores, because this is how you see that you are getting better. The good thing about being a beginner, is that your scores will normally only improve. Every time, when about to carry out a WOD, check your score from the previous time, you did the same or similar WOD and set a better goal for this WOD. For instance, if your score doing FRAN is 7.15 min, the aim should be to do it in 6.30 min. This way, you will improve your score every single time you do a WOD.

3.  Complete ALL WODs

It might take a while until you can do every WOD RX’ed. However, you should always complete a WOD, no matter the time it may take you. Sometimes, you may feel like taking fewer rounds or do less reps of a given exercise, but completing every time will give you a small victory at every work-out. Celebrate this victory and give yourself credit for it, saying that completion is an important step towards becoming a routined crossfitter.

4.  Aim at improving ONE exercise monthly

After each WOD, practice one exercise, that you are not good at. This way, you will quickly improve the classic crossfit exercises, that will improve your WOD scores quickly. For instance, March 2010 is the month of hand-stand push-ups for me. Pick an exercise and make 5 reps after each WOD, you will be amazed with the results.

5.  Make friends with Crossfitters

This is perhaps the most important one. Create a crossfit network in order to have more fun when doing WOD’s, but more importantly to keep up the motivation for crossfit, also when you are low on energy.

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