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The Road to CrossFit Sectionals Scandinavia – Martin Møller, CrossFit Butcher’s Lab

Vital stats

Name: Martin Møller

Age: 29

Affiliate: CrossFit Butcher’s Lab “the West End massive”

Best at: I’m pretty… all round, which I see as my force, but I do bench press more than the average crossfitter 🙂

Worst at: pistols, hate them!!

Known for: quick burpees and giant calves

Motto: Be inspired, but trust yourself!

Experience in CF competitions?
Danish CrossFit Open 2010 – and I loved it!


Have you followed a special training program leading up to the competition?
– In some sense, I have more or less scheduled my muscle groups, but my lifts vary after my mood and I’ve been running more frequently, but that’s mainly because the weather is better now. On Fridays, Affe (Bucther’s Coach) and I train together, which are always some insane WODs! A challenging WOD, beats any lifting-program any time!!

How about your diet – any changes?
– A small increased intake of fish oil and vitamins, except from that I eat everything I can get my hands on.

Do you feel mentally and physically prepared?
– Fairly prepared

What is your ambition (in terms of placement)?
– Top 3/5/10

What is the key item in your suitcase when you leave for Stockholm? (any lucky charm, special jump robe or anything else that you MUST bring)
– Elizabeth Arden “Eight Hour Crème” that stuff works miracles on cuts and abrasions!!

Do you have a good advice for your fellow Danes competing?
– Remember: Little progress is still progress and let loose after competing; drink, smoke and go nuts, it makes it all worth while.

See you in Stockholm,