The Road to CrossFit Sectionals Scandinavia – Greg Soneff, CrossFit Paideia Gym

Vital stats

Name:  Greg Soneff
Age: 31
Affiliate: CrossFit Paideia Gym
Best at: Don’t really know…I’m more of a generalist
Worst at:  high rep gymnastics movements (MUs, ring dips, HSPUs)
Known for:  Hmmm…falling from a 5m rope during my last competition
Motto:  Don’t really have one…

Experience in CF competitions?
Have only participated in local Danish competitions so very excited about Sectionals


Have you followed a special training program leading up to the competition?
I been working with James Fitzgerald (OPT) since December and he designed my training and nutrition program.

How about your diet – any changes?
Nothing huge, although James increased the amount of foods I eat (from 16 blocks to 18 blocks) in order to put on a little extra lean mass. I have gone from just under 84kg in Dec to almost 86kg currently.

Do you feel mentally and physically prepared?
Physically I feel like I am in better shape than I have been in a long time. My feet are at 90% after the fall from the rope a few weeks ago but they will be fine come game day. A number of the workouts I have been doing lately have helped with the mental aspects of my training. The trick will be to remain calm, cool and collected when surrounded by a bunch of other athletes and screaming fans.

What is your ambition (in terms of placement)?
My ambition is to walk away knowing that I gave everything I had in all the workouts. That I was prepared both physically and mentally for the workouts. A top 20 placement would be great but lets see what happens.

What is the key item in your suitcase when you leave for Stockholm? (any lucky charm, special jump robe or anything else that you MUST bring)
I’ll bring my PVC roller – it’s like a foam roller only I built it myself using hard plastic tubing and a yoga mat…it is essential for massaging the sore muscles and ensuring all the joints are working properly…aside from that I’ll be bringing my video camera to capture all the excitement!!!

Do you have a good advice for your fellow Danes competing?
Stay sharp, stay focused, and have fun!