The Road to CrossFit Sectionals Scandinavia – Einar Svindland, unaffiliated

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Vital stats

Name: Einar Svindland

Age: 24

Affiliate:  unaffiliated

Best at: weighted muscle ups

Worst at: all presses, everything overhead

Known for: being positive

Experience in CF competitions?

I haven’t competed in any CF competitions but I have been a judge at the Skandinavian challenge and at the Swedish championship. I think that I am more a coach than an athlete.


Have you followed a special training program leading up to the competition?
Training started good with own programming Oct – Nov 09, then I got some problems with my hip, and I am still struggling with it. Going to an Orthopedic tomorrow for a clinical examination and hopefully get an MRI. Because of the hip problem I have been trying out different stuff and programming. The hip pain has controlled programming and intensity. Depending what kind of workouts being announced I attend or not.

How about your diet – any changes?
No big changes. Try to control the protein and fat a little bit, staying low on the carbs while eating Paleo like I have done the last 1,5 year. Always room for improvement, trying out new stuff and se how the body react.

Do you feel mentally and physically prepared?
No, will I ever be?

What is your ambition (in terms of placement)?
Have fun, meet alot of great people and hopefully be able to perform the WODs

What is the key item in your suitcase when you leave for Stockholm? (any lucky charm, special jump robe or anything else that you MUST bring)
That’s a secret, Norwegian national security!

Do you have a good advice for your fellow competitors?
I wish everyone the best of luck, and my best advice is to think positive and do your best!

One thought on “The Road to CrossFit Sectionals Scandinavia – Einar Svindland, unaffiliated

  1. Looking forward to seeing you in competition!


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