Videos from North European CrossFit Sectionals


  • Men’s final heat.


…… and more videos to come!


Ditte & Sarah

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Introducing the Rising CrossFit Stars

Rising CrossFit Stars!

Here on Fit As Fu*k we want to celebrate some of the CrossFit talents (less than 1 year of CrossFit experience) working their ass off, getting better every day! We call them “Rising Stars”.

In the following weeks, they share their thoughts and small victories with you, tell about their motivation and training methods.

If you are new to CrossFit, this might inspire you to start training.

If you are an experienced CrossFitter, you might want to give these guys some good advice, or just sit back and remember your first +100 kg deadlift or kipping pull-up 🙂

But beware, next year you might be the one turning to them for advice!


Ditte & Sarah

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North European Sectionals – athlete wrap-up by Jenny Jacobsen, 1st place


My top 5

1 word to describe the Sectionals in Stockholm

Awesome! Thanks to CrossFit STHLM for a great weekend!

2 things I would have done different

I started at 115 kg on my deadlifts, I would have started at 120 kg and tried to get a PR at 130 kg. I felt strong!

Pushed myself harder on the last workout!

3 wishes for the Regionals

Want HSPU and Pullups! No running or rowing! Or heavy squats..

4 nice things about the Sectionals

To meet everyone!

Sarah, Ditte, all the people from Denmark, Norway and Finland 🙂

Mikko Salo! What a nice and humble guy!

That I won of course 🙂

5 things that I’ve learned from this experience

Probably a million things 🙂

Focus on yourself

Always give 100%!

Jenny finished 1st!  See her blog here.