North European Sectionals – athlete wrap-up by Jenny Jacobsen, 1st place

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My top 5

1 word to describe the Sectionals in Stockholm

Awesome! Thanks to CrossFit STHLM for a great weekend!

2 things I would have done different

I started at 115 kg on my deadlifts, I would have started at 120 kg and tried to get a PR at 130 kg. I felt strong!

Pushed myself harder on the last workout!

3 wishes for the Regionals

Want HSPU and Pullups! No running or rowing! Or heavy squats..

4 nice things about the Sectionals

To meet everyone!

Sarah, Ditte, all the people from Denmark, Norway and Finland 🙂

Mikko Salo! What a nice and humble guy!

That I won of course 🙂

5 things that I’ve learned from this experience

Probably a million things 🙂

Focus on yourself

Always give 100%!

Jenny finished 1st!  See her blog here.


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