Rising CrossFit Stars: Kristina Bæk Nielsen

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Name: Kristina Bæk Nielsen

Age: 27

Occupation/job: Hair dresser (store manager)

Background in sports: Fitness, spinning

CrossFitting since:  May 2009

Affiliate: CrossFit Copenhagen

What WOD/class made you decide to become a CrossFitter?

5 rounds for time: 800 m running, 25 box jumps, 25 thrusters. My first WOD – couldn’t walk 4 days after….. And I was hooked!  

How often do you train now ? 

4-5 x pr. week.

Do you follow any speciel programming or are you (just) doing the WODs at your box? 

I follow the WODs at CrossFit Copenhagen 🙂  

Which one of your CrossFit related accomplishments are you most proud off so far? 

Finally to be able to do pull-ups and keep the skin on my hands.
What is your next goal(s)?
To be able to RX more and more WODs – and to focus on proper technique…..

The most difficult thing in CrossFit?

The technique in the lifts and to plan your energy right in the WODs in order to be able to finish and RX 🙂  

How do you keep the motivation high?

The social aspect on the famous the 7 o’ clock “Morning Team”. And the fact than I am able to RX more and more WODs. 
Any good advice for new CrossFitters?
Keep track of your WOD results from day 1 in order to be able to track development. You easily forget the level you started at. 
Train with somebody better than you and try to follow them the best you can.
Find someone on the whiteboard to compare results with.
Any questions for the community ? (this is your chance to ask experienced CrossFitters anything!) 
How do I plan my daily training in order to train the smartest? 
(“Don’t train harder, train smarter”.) 
Do you plan to attend any CrossFit competitions?
No, not at the moment. I still have to be able to perform a lot of WODs RX’ed before I enter any competition. 

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