Rising CrossFit Stars: Sarah Grey

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Name: Sarah Grey

Age: 38,5

Occupation/job: Filmworker, producer, director, FAD, freelancer

Background in sports: Little bit of this and a little bit of that….ballet, horseback riding, judo, taekwondo, kickboxing…MMA…globo gym

CrossFitting since: September 2009

Affiliate: CrossFit Nordic, Stockholm

What WOD/class made you decide to become a CrossFitter?

I told my PT I wanted to learn how to do pull-ups and he told me about CrossFit.

How often do you train now ?

4-6 times a week

Do you follow any speciel programming or are you (just) doing the WODs at your box?

My box’s WOD’s and then my coach.

Which one of your CrossFit related accomplishments are you most proud off so far?

Last week my Crossfit total score of 201… deadift was 102 kg., yay!

What is your next goal(s)?


The most difficult thing in CrossFit ?

The challenge is that there is always more….but that is the same as life….

How do you keep the motivation high?

Look at videos from events, read about events, attend events…and train with other crazy people!

Any good advice for new CrossFitters?

It is not scary!!! It just looks scary.

Do you plan to attend any CrossFit competitions?

Yes! The Fit as Fu*k CrossFit Challenge, 25. September 2010 @ CTC in Denmark 🙂

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