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Rising CrossFit Stars: Malou Leth Reymann

Name: Malou Leth Reymann
Age; 22
Occupation/job: Student
Background in sports: regular fitness 2-3 times a week since 2008
CrossFitting since: march 2009 – but only seriously since June 2009
Affiliate: CrossFit Copenhagen

What WOD/class made you decide to become a CrossFitter?
I don’t know. I actually hated it at first, because I didn’t have time to work out more than once a week. So every single WOD was killing me- I didn’t experience any progress and I was always the last to finish WODs. But then during the summer I started coming 3-5 times a week and it really changed everything.

How often do you train now ? CrossFit three times a week and karate twice a week.

Do you follow any speciel programming or are you (just) doing the WODs at your box?
I follow the WODs at CrossFit Copenhagen.

Which one of your CrossFit related accomplishments are you most proud off so far?
Completing every time and rope climb!

What is your next goal(s)?
Double unders… That this is still my goal gives you an idea about what kind of crossfitter I am. I like it but it’s not my life (Sorry Sarah and Ditte for not really being a rising CrossFit star). All these articles about CrossFit are always written by serious and ambitious crossfitters. But it’s not only for elite athletes; you can always scale load and intensity and that is what’s really unique about it.

The most difficult thing in CrossFit ?
Getting started.

How do you keep the motivation high?
The satisfaction of doing my best is enough to get me there.

Any good advice for new CrossFitters?
Do WODs at least 3 times a week or you won’t see that you’re making any progress. Also decide what crossfit should be for you, otherwise you can easily compare yourself with the elite crossfitters and you’ll feel bad about your own training. Instead you should be inspired by the really hardcore crossfitters but only compete with yourself!

Do you plan to attend any CrossFit competitions? No. I really enjoy Crossfit and it gives me energy and helps me focus elsewhere, but I’m not in it for competitions.

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Opening reception today from 12-14’ish @ the new box in town “CrossFit Østerbro”, Copenhagen

Congratulations to CrossFit Østerbro with the new box opening today!

For details, address etc. – click here

Addicted to CrossFit? Sign up as a spectator or volunteer for CrossFit European Regionals in Halmstad, Sweden (appr. 2 hours from Copenhagen by car), 8-9 May 2010 here.