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Rising CrossFit Stars: Philip Hargett

Name: Philip Hargett

Age: 22

Occupation/job: Going to start at IT-Universitetet in Amager this sommer.

Background in sports: I’ve been playing American Football for 2 years.

CrossFitting since: Early 2009.

Affiliate: CrossFit Butcher’s Lab

What WOD/class made you decide to become a CrossFitter?

No specific WOD got me hooked on crossfit. A guy from my football team got a deal for the team to come in and try crossfit for a few weeks last year. I’ve been crossfitting ever since.

How often do you train now?

About 5-6 days a week.

Do you follow any speciel programming or are you (just) doing the WODs at your box?

I don’t follow any specific program, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of different sectional-WODs from around the world. To see what the competitions are like.

Which one of your CrossFit related accomplishments are you most proud off so far?

Well, I don’t really have any accomplishments competition wise – yet. But I’m pretty happy about how I’ve picked up on the different lifting techniques, considering that just a year ago I couldn’t do a clean to save my life.

What is your next goal(s)?

I’m gonna try to kick some ass at The Fit As Fu*k CrossFit Challenge the 25th of September.

The most difficult thing in CrossFit?

Sooo many reps…….. Before CrossFit I almost always only did a few reps with heavy weight. Many of the workouts in CrossFit focus on doing lots of rep. I’m getting better though.

How do you keep the motivation high?

I love working out and being active, so other than the fact that training helps me get better in American Football, the feeling that I get after a workout is motivation enough.

Any good advice for new CrossFitters?

Honestly, I think at the best advice I can give to a new crossfitter to make sure you learn proper lifting technique (deadlift, cleans, squats and so on…), so that you don’t injure yourself before even getting started.

Do you plan to attend any CrossFit competitions?

The Fit As Fu*k CrossFit Challenge the 25th of September.