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Warm-up routines by Mads Jacobsen, owner of CrossFit Nordic, Stockholm, Sweden

Name: Mads Jacobsen

Affiliate: CrossFit Nordic, Stockholm


  • Competed in different martial arts for 15 years.
  • Worked as a professional trainer 12 years!
  • CrossFit Level 1 and 2 certified.
  • Member of the european HQ certification staff

CrossFitting since: 2005

Teaching since: 2007

Key elements in a good warm up

It is a very simple endevour actually! You need to elevate your body temperature, and get the athlete moving through the full range of motion needed in the workout!

Specific movements I always include in a warm up:

  • Row – the perfect warm up exercise, gets the athlete moving and activates the entire posterios chain!
  • Squat – so basic but always needs to be worked on!
  • Pass throughs – I always want to make sure that the athletes shoulders are properly warmed up before we begin to work out!

I have no specific warm up for light, heavy or metcon work! The same principles apply!

How have my warm ups changed over time?

My personal warm up was non existing a few years back, but I got injured all the time! These days I try to widen my horizons within the criteria described above!

I am currently very impressed with Jami Tikkanen from CrossFit Thames and his mobility work – think we will be seeing a lot of him in the years to come!

The biggest no-go!

Not being focused!

What warm up does our members enjoy the most?

The one that is playful and gets them warmed up while they are having fun! We try to have different warm ups for all classes during the day!

Mads is the owner of CrossFit Nordic in Stockholm, educated CrossFit Instructor Level 2, teaching at CrossFit HQ’s CrossFit Certifications in Europe, arranging European CrossFit Sectionals in Halmstad, Sweden 8-9 May 2010 – and will be the head coach at the FIT AS FU*K CROSSFIT CHALLENGE 25 SEPT 2010 in Denmark!

Follow Mads’ blog here.

Participants and judges from Scandinavian Elico CrossFit Challenge 2009 arranged by Mads.

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