CrossFit and Law Enforcement by Uffe T. Sørensen, CrossFit Butcher’s Lab


Some weeks ago, Sarah asked me to write down 5 reasons on why law enforcement personnel should do CrossFit. CrossFit instead of bodybulilding, CrossFit instead of no training at all,  CrossFit instead of mainstreamfitness with 8-10 reps and 1.30-2.30 minuts of break between sets, doing only one muscle group at the time??

I couldn’t write it. Why?

It seemed too logical why law enforcement personnel would choose or and base their training on these fine ideas.

All law enforcement personnel know that the potiential day of anarchy and chaos could be any day in their lives pupping up like out of nowwhere. You don’t choose it and you didn’t see it coming before you are in the middle of it. It may last for 10 seconds or 10 hours. Maybe your buddy is tired or weak – maybe you are tired or weak.

Suddenly, hell breaks. Your adrenaline starts pumping through your veins like the spring tide. Your vision narrows and you see the world fragmentet in bits and pieces with distorted sound or no sound at all. You feel the cold chill of knowing something is wrong. Something that could be right but has become wicked and sick because of your laziness and complacency. Your heartrate is going through the roof, perspiration starts to dehydrate you and the mass of reality slowly forces you to your knees. You don’t stand a chance of escaping and you are on your way into the tunnel as your life starts passing by.

The situation around you and your buddy may come under control or the total collaps of the world as you know it may be started with you not being able to cope with the exstreem demands. We don’t know AND its not why we are here!

What we do know is that our police officers’ lives are passing by. Lets take a look at some of his visions: He sees his first bike, 3-weeled of course and red. He plays soccer on a green field. A lovely girl waving and smiling at him while he passes by in his first car, going to the gym….. He sees a bicep being curled……CHEST PAIN!!!!!!…..Calf Raises…… Something is wired with this wision…He sees himself graduate from the police academy. There is an ad in his local newspaper “CrossFit has come to your neighborhood”. He is hanging out with some friends from work. One of them talks about how good he feels after starting a the local CrossFit gym. He says goodbye to them and leave for the gym…. He sees a guy doing some tricepswork with a dumbell. He thinks “Do I know this guy, he seems familiar”.Peck Deck Butterflys performed with a grunt!!! Now he sees himself doing forearm curls…..there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we all know whats likely to happend if he reaches the end of that tunnel. It’s over. Finito. The end.

I’ll not send you to bed crying because of a tragic end to this little story. We will let our law enforcement friend wake up from this nightmare and he will start to think. He knows that there are theories about life passing by. One is that your brain is looking for a solution, a way of getting out of truble and back on track coping with the situation that threatens our existence. Mayby one evil side to this theory could be that little signs and visions of what COULD have saved your ass will sneak into the rapid stream of ideas for salvation. Signs that you may have been ignorant towards…….

5 reasons on why law enforcement personel should do crossfit? Sit down and read and you will find plenty of reasons. But if you want your own inner truth about WHY I surgest you define your INTENT behind your training.

1: If your intention is to look better in shorter time, do CrossFit.
2: If your intention is to be part of something everlasting, oldschool and yet allways groundbreaking and fancypancy, do CrossFit.
3: If your intention is to survive and recover faster from injuries, do CrossFit.
4: If your intention is to not only work your body but allso your mind, do CrossFit.
5: If your intention is to build a solid foundation to take on some serious tunnelwork, do CrossFit.

Could CrossFit-training save the day? Maybe not, but coming through the tunnel, looking good and allready with a set of strong wings ain’t that bad……