CrossFit Gear and CrossFit Games

– In the footsteps of great CrossFit athletes! 

To find the right shoe for CrossFit is almost impossible. The best shoe for lifting is obviously not the best for running and so on. Most athletes choose to have several shoes for different kinds of workouts. We have always thought that writing about shoes for CrossFit would be interesting.

BUT, there’s also the CrossFit Games Regionals coming up, with lots of cool competitors getting ready and we are really curious to know how they’re doing!

That’s why we decided to cover both subjects at once – and ask the athletes going to the Regionals how they are doing, and what they will be wearing (on their feet) 🙂

Enjoy, Sarah & Ditte

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Warm-up routines for heavy lifting by Just Kielberg, CrossFit Copenhagen

NAME: Just Kielberg

AFFILIATE: CrossFt Copenhagen

BACKGROUND: Power lifting

Start by warming up your joints and then proceed to the lift itself by lifting the barbell only as a warm-up (if deadlift – start with light weight on the barbell).
When you feel warmed up and your body has adapted to the lift/movement, start putting on light weight and make some speed sets, ie. 5×3 reps. Focus on speed and a tight core in order to awaken your nervous system and to prepare for the fast and heavy lift. 
When adding on weight in order to reach you 1RM max – remember: few reps, few lifts, large difference (kg.) in the attempts in order not to waste too much energy.
You will only be able to perform 1 or 2 max attempts on that day. Remember that!
Example: warm-up for a 1RM back squat @ 175 kg.
Speed sets with 50/60 kg. 
3 x 90 kg., 3 x 120 kg., 1 x 140 kg., 1 x 150/155 kg., 1 x 160/165 kg.
Max attemtp on 1 x  175 kg.
Watch Just doing “CrossFit Total” in this video: