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CrossFit Gear and CrossFit Games – Frederik Ægidius


Name: Frederik Ægidius

Affiliate: CrossFit  Butcher’s Lab, Denmark

Age: 22

What Sectional did you participate in: North European Sectional

What was your placement: 4th


Shoes: Puma handball shoes 🙂

Deadlift: 202 kg.

Back squat: 170 kg.

Front squat: 140 kg.

Overhead squat: 110 kg.

Clean & jerk: 105 kg.

Snatch: 80  kg.

Shoulder press: 75 kg.

Bench press: 150 kg.

“Grace”: 2:37 min.

CrossFit total I/II”: 447/552 kg.

Do you think the European CrossFit Regionals will contain a heavy event? Most likely!

Which lift(s) would you prefer to see at such an event? Overhead squat

Do you follow any special lifting program?
I follow “The Lindasdatter Experience program” (read: Frederik trains with Sarah :-))


Shoes: Puma handball shoes (again) or Asics running shoes for running.

500 m row: 1.24

How many times/week does your training include running and/or rowing? 3-4 times a week

Do you hope to see a lot of endurance work at the Regionals? NO!


Shoes: Puma handball shoes 🙂

Max reps pull-ups: 32

Max reps muscle-ups: 3

Your favorite benchmark workouts (and PR’s):

Favorite WOD # 1 + time: Linda: 14:28 RX’d at 80kg

Favorite WOD # 2 + time: Air Force WOD: 4:47 min. RX

Favorite WOD # 3 + time: Grace: 2:37 min. RX

What has been your main focus in your training since the Regionals?
Getting more fit, improving my cardio work.

How do you think your chances of going to the CrossFit Games 2010 are? Slim, but I’ll give it my best go!

Frederik finished 2nd at the Danish CrossFit Open in February 2010 – and will be participating in the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge 25. September 2010 in Denmark.

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Beyond the Body – CrossFit girls are beautiful – but it’s more about attitude

CrossFit chicks are hot. Ever hear that saying? Well, it’s true.
And here’s why: Being “hot” has a lot more to it than physical appearance.

Plenty of women and girls have all the physical components and gifts of the cover girl but simply “aren’t hot.”

And then there are those magnetic ones who might never be a runway model but are irresistible.

Read Louis Hayes’ free article from the CrossFit Journal about hot CrossFit chicks here:


Ditte & Sarah

Thanks to Casall for believing in us!