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CrossFit Gear and CrossFit Games – Erla Guðmundsdóttir


Name: Erla Guðmundsdóttir

Affiliate: CrossFit Sport, Iceland

Age: 29

What Sectional did you participate in: Iceland/Greenland

What was your placement: 3rd


Shoes: No special shoes, often just socks 😉

Deadlift: 100kg

Back squat: 75kg

Front squat: 65kg

Overhead squat: 65kg

Clean & jerk: 67,5

Snatch: 45

Shoulder press: 40

Bench press: 52,5

“Grace”: 3:58

“CrossFit total I/II”: 220kg

Do you think the European CrossFit Regionals will contain a heavy event? Yes, for sure!

Which lift(s) would you prefer to see at such an event? Snatch, overhead squat og C&J.

Do you follow any special lifting program? No not really


Shoes: Nike pegasus 26 PGX og Asics.

5 km run: 25:47

400 m run: 1:35

500 m row: 1:58

How many times/week does your training include running and/or rowing? 2 times

Do you hope to see a lot of endurance work at the Regionals? No, not really


Shoes: Nike pegasus 26 PGX og Asics.

Max reps pull-ups: 25

Max reps muscle-ups: 1

Your favorite benchmark workouts (and PR’s):

Annie: 4:59

The 2nd WOD in Iceland sectionals ( 3 rounds of 5 Deadlifts 80kg and 20 Boxjumps): 2:07

Barbara: 30:33

Nate: 5 rounds

What has been your main focus in your training since the Regionals? Running and endurance.

How do you think your chances of going to the CrossFit Games 2010 are?
Very slim, but I am going to do my best 🙂