“No equipment – no problem” – WODs from Sarah & Frederik’s honeymoon in Zanzibar, Africa

Here are the WODs Frederik and I made on our honeymoon to Zanzibar in November 2009.

We brought:

As our flight to Zanzibar was in the afternoon, I hit my CrossFit box (CrossFit Copenhagen) in the morning and made a super hard WOD in order to be able to sleep on the plane.

17 NOV 2009: Every minute on the minute 5 power snatch 35 kg/100 burpees + every minute on the minute 5 OHS 35 kg/500 DUs.

Time: 25:57 RX

When arriving to the resort we checked out the area and made a list of possible WODs and equipment available.

Our goal was to do 1 WOD/day.

Here’s the list of our WODs:

19 NOV 2009: Fred’s ‘Zanzibar-WOD’

Warm-up: 20 min. rowing in the Idian Ocean!

20 Burpees
30 DB-thrusters 50/40 pounds
40 Farmer lunges 50 pounds
50 push ups
60 Air squats/jumping spquats
70 Back ext.
80 Sit ups
900 m rowing
100 DUs

… done outside in the tropical heat, which slowed us down!

Cooling off: 100 m swimming

Fred: 31:27 (started from 10)
Sarah: 28:50 RX (started from 100)

20 NOV 2009: Another Zanzibar chipper in the tropical evening

Snorkeling 🙂

100 DUs
5 DB bench press @ 30 lbs/each hand
10 inverted burpees
20 burpees
30 one arm squat snatch @ 20 lbs
40 push ups
50 dips
60 tuc jumps
70 sit ups
80 back ext.
90 push press @ 40 lbs

Cool down: 100 m swimming

Fred did the same WOD as yesterday – replaced the rowing with 90 DUs and did 250 m swimming in the end (“Zanzibar II”)!

Fred: 35:42
Sarah: 33:43 RX

21 NOV 2009: After a great sailing trip and some snokeling from a local boat, I decided to hit the pool for a swimming-WOD:

1 km swimming – didn’t time it but definitely faster than expected!

I was the only one in the pool enjoying the sunset and the Indian Ocean! What a great WOD!

Frederik did his ‘Zanzibar II’ again finishing off with 10 laps of swimming.

22 NOV 2009:

‘The Longest Mile’ by Shane Skowron:
400 m. handstand walking
400 m. walking lunges
400 m. bear crawl
400 m. burpee jumps

…….on the beach in Zanzibar. Hot!

Time: 38:31 RX

23 NOV 2009:

21-15-9 of:

Shoulder press 40/30 pounds
Man makers + pushup 40/30 pounds

Sarah: 12:10 RX
Frederik: 14:00 RX

24 NOV 2009: Training on the beach in Zanzibar

30 burpees
100 m sand run
50 pushups
200 m sand run
100 walking lunges
300 m sand run
100 air squats
400 m sand run
100 air squats
300 m sand run
100 walking lunges
200 m sand run
50 pushups
100 m sand run
30 burpees

Didn’t time the WOD.

First rounds of burpees: 10/10/10 – second round: 15/8/7 (gotta work mentally on not stopping).

The run was easy and a nice break.

Focus in the air squats was on hip extension, and in the walking lunges on keep on walking and using the momentum of a tense core!

The tide was turning, which was a nice mentally timer for me. What a blessing to be able to do a WOD by the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar!

Finally found a place to put up the rings, did a few dips and MU-exercises, before the guards told me that it was too dangerous and asked me to take them down 😦

Frederik rowed 2 km (out to the coral reef – with the huge waves – and back).

25 NOV 2009: ‘Terrible Annie-medley’:

50 double unders
50 lunges
50 push-ups
50 sit-ups
40 DUs
40 lunges
40 push-ups
40 sit-ups
30 DUs
20 DUs
10 DUs
10 lunges
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups

26 NOV 2009: 4,8 km run – lovely in the evening chill!

Time: 19:58

Fred did some snorkeling and smoked 4 cigarettes (?!?) – JAMBO, he says!

… And finally a little something funny from Fred to all of you:

‘Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise’.


Working out felt harder for me than normally during our honeymoon! I thought it was due to the heat – arrving back in Copenhagen, I found out that I was pregnant 🙂

I have kept working out during my pregancy and am now counting the days untill 30 July 2010!