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“No equipment – no problem” – 4 minute push-up challenge!

This challenge is from the “Training for Warriors” system, created by Martin Rooney.  Check out the website here.

Training for Warriors is a free community site created for serious combat athletes – but it’s also a great place to find inspiration for great work-outs. Many of the work-outs are done with only bodyweight, which makes it perfect for training away from your gym.

One of our favorites is this 4 min push-up challenge (100 pushups)!

Complete (in 4 min. or less):

(You can stop whenever you want, but not in the middle of a set – so you need to do all 10 reps of each push-up variation unbroken!)

  • 10 reps – regular pushøups
  • 10 reps – diamond grip push-ups
  • 10 reps – triangle push-ups
  • 10 reps – alternating grip on one leg ( 5 each leg)
  • 10 reps – twisting push-ups
  • 10 reps – knee check to the side push-ups
  • 10 reps – knee check to the middle push-ups
  • 10 reps – pike press push-ups
  • 10 reps – judo push-ups
  • 10 reps – single arm push-ups (5 each arm)

On youtube, you can find this video of Martin Rooney, doing the challenge himself:

We both attented the TFW seminar in Denmark in March 2010 and got a lot of inspiration! We highly recommend buying one or both of Martin Rooney’s books: 

  • “Training for Warriors: The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Workout”
  •  “Ultimate Warrior Workouts (Training for Warriors): Fitness Secrets of the Martial Arts”

 Please feel free to comment on this entry, if you complete the challenge!!