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FIT AS FU*K CROSSFIT CHALLENGE 25 SEPT 2010 – what WODs should the athletes do? Don’t forget to submit your WOD-suggestion before 30. May 2010…..

See the guidelines and sumbit your WOD here.

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Favorite WOD and favorite meal – Brian Bowen, CrossFit Ramstein, Germany

Name: Brian Bowen

Age: 31

Affiliate: CrossFit Ramstein

Country: Germany

Affiliate/blog www-page:

Crossfitting since: June 2006

My favorite WOD: Anything involving shoulders / overhead

My RX-time: N/A

Why this WOD is my favorite: It is my ‘CrossFit Strength’

My favorite meal/diet: Paleo

Why this meal/diet is my favorite: Health, performance, mood, body composition…too many benefits to name

Any obstacles?: Recovering from recent shoulder surgery

Future goals: Compete in FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge, CrossFit Games 2012, open commercial affiliate in Colorado