Starting tomorrow….. vote for your favorite WOD for the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge 25. September 2010

Thanks to all crossfitters who have submitted WODs for WOD # 2 at the FIT AT FU*K CrossFit Challenge 25. September 2010 in Denmark.
Taken the 4 other WODs at the challenge into consideration, we’ve decided to make WOD # 2 an out door event including a cardio element.
We’ve picked the following WODs – and it’s now up to YOU (crossfitters, officials, judges, followers of our blog etc.) to vote for your favorite WOD.
Voting is open from 2nd – 30th June 2010.
The WODs are in random order:
By Lau Jakobsen, CrossFit Training Center, Køge, Denmark
AMRAP 10 min.:
6 kettlebell power snatch 32/24 kg. 
200m. sandbag run. 30/20 kg.
12 kettlebell trusters 32/24 kg.
By Nikolaj Kaufmann, CrossFit The Royal Danish Life Guards, Høvelte, Denmark
AMRAP 10 min.:
50 m. sandbag run 40/30 kg.
10 box jumps 24”/20”
15/10 push-ups
50 m. sandbag run
10 sandbag clean and press (sand bag must touch the ground between each clean and press)
By Nicholas Reim, CrossFit Denmark, Hellerup, Denmark
AMRAP 10 min.:
30 m. farmer walk 2 x 2/1,5 pood kettlebells
5 burpees
30 m. sprint
By Jess Hviid Skov, CrossFit Malmö, Sweden
AMRAP 10 min.:
5 squat cleans 60/40 kg.
40 m. sandbag sprint 40/30 kg.
20 double unders
By Rasmus Halkjær, CrossFit Copenhagen, Denmark
AMRAP 10 min.:
10 kettlebell snatches 32/24 kg.
200 m. sandbag run 40/30 kg.
10 burpees
By Anders Spang, Aarhus CrossFit, Denmark
AMRAP 10 min.:
12 sandbag anyhow squats 40/30 kg. (sandbag must be above waistline. Athlete cannot position sandbag in the hip area)
35 m. sandbag overhead carry
8 sandbag anyhow cleans (bag must touch ground between reps, sandbag must be cleaned to shoulder hight)
Men: 40 kg. sandbag
Women: 30 kg. sandbag
By Lauren Guibert, CrossFit Ramstein, Germany
AMRAP 10 min.:
250m row (/run)
10 push-ups
10 dumbbell push press 2 x 15/10 kg.

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WOD # 2 for the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge 25 SEPT 2010 in Denmark

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We’ll ASAP pick the best suggestions, post them here on our blog and have all you voting for your favorite WOD.

Find all relevant information about the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge here. In case you wish to comment on/discuss the already suggested WODs – make sure to post the comments here.

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