Favorite WOD and favorite meal – Elizabeth Gunner, CrossFit Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Name: Elizabeth Gunner
  • Age: 25
  • Affiliate: CrossFit Copenhagen
  • Country: Denmark currently (from the US)
  • Affiliate/blog www-page:
  • Crossfitting since: November 2008
  • My favorite WOD: odd-implement workouts
  • Why this WOD is my favorite: At my previous gym (,¬†every Friday there were different WODs to pick from and one was always an odd-implement workout. It would include some of the usual CF exercises using different equipment and/or some different exercises. It’s amazing how difficult some things that you enjoyed doing as a kid (leap frog, monkey bars, crab walks, etc.) are as an adult.¬†These were always a good mix-up from the usual WODs and for most of them you didn’t realize how hard you were working until you felt it the next day.
  • Any obstacles?: Being able to do some of the exercises
  • My favorite meal/diet: Zone
  • Why this meal/diet is my favorite: Both paleo and zone are good, but I like Zone better since you can technically eat anything without cheating (as long as you keep the correct proportions of carbs, protein, and fat).
  • Any obstacles?: Sticking to it before/after extended exercise (like marathons) and drinking
  • Future goals: Making zone/paleo part of my lifestyle rather than a diet

Liz will be participating in the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge…..

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