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Favorite WOD and favorite meal – Thomas Rode, CrossFit PaideiaGym, Denmark

  • Name: Thomas Rode Andersen
  • Age: rapidly closing in on 42
  • Affiliate: CrossFit PaideiaGym
  • Country: Denmark
  • Affiliate/blog www-page:
  • Crossfitting since: starting up in 2007, as the first sport/fitness thing I have ever done since school (and I most certainly didn’t do anything there !! ) 
  • My favorite WOD: I’m actually not doing a lot of WODs at the moment but it could be: “Fran”, “Freddies Revenge”, The Bear complex amongst others
  • My RX-time: Fran 4:04, “Freddies Revenge” just below 8:00, The Bear Complex 85 kg
  • Why this WOD is my favorite: Fran is a perperfect benchmark WOD, a true definition of CrossFit
  • Any obstacles?: Fucking up the strategy and getting a bit too exited
  • Future goals: a nice chunk below 4:00 and “King  Kong” before Christmas
  • My favorite meal/diet: As I am doing Starting Strength at the moment, my goal is to gain as much as possible and get as fat as possible. I wawing goodbye to my snug abs, as I am aiming to drink at least ½ a litre of pure cream a day assisted by ducks gizzards cooked in ducks fat directly from the can with as much of the fat as possible. Trying to resist bad carbs, starch and of course, the curse of sugar……
  • Why this meal/diet is my favorite: read the above…..
  • Any obstacles?: As our grandparents, when visiting them, deliberately have f….d our lives from a very early age by feeding us candy, have us gagging on lollipops , drinking soda for every meal of the day, the largest obstacles are of course the difficulties to avoid sugar
  • Future goals: To be proud of my efforts in trying to get in as good shape as any way possible for the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge and of course, getting my abs back and………… avoiding sugar and getting my Fran at 3:30ish 🙂

Thomas will be participating in the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge (masters)…..

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