Favorite WOD and favorite meal – Giorgos Savvidis, CrossFit Athens, Greece

  • Name: Giorgos Savvidis
  • Age: 30 (unfortunately)
  • Affiliate: CrossFit Athens
  • Country:  Greece
  • Affiliate/blog www-page:
  • Crossfitting since: Mid March 2010
  • My favorite WOD: I think Fran
  • My RX-time: 6:45
  • Why this WOD is my favorite: Because I can’t recall another WOD right now
  • Any obstacles?: The only obstacle is myself
  • Future goals:  Deducting a few more minutes would be great! And doable 
  • My favorite meal/diet: Spaghetti
  • Why this meal/diet is my favorite: Because it is the only one I know how to prepare on my own 🙂
  • Any obstacles?: Not really, I can eat everything I want.
  • Future goals: To continue eating everything I want 🙂

Giorgos will be participating in the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge…..

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