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Favorite WOD and favorite meal – Rasmus Halkjær, CrossFit Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Name: Rasmus Halkjær
  • Age: 18
  • Affiliate: CrossFit Copenhagen 
  • Country: Danmark
  • Affiliate/blog www-page:
  • Crossfitting since: summer 2008
  • My favorite WOD: “300”
  • My RX-time: 18:43
  • Why this WOD is my favorite: because it is a tough WOD, wich deals with many different exercises
  • Any obstacles?: pistols and overhead squat in general
  • Future goals: becoming stronger
  • My favorite meal/diet: a great steak on the grill and salad
  • Why this meal/diet is my favorite: meat on the grill is the best
  • Any obstacles?: no
  • Future goals: to eat more healthy

Rasmus will be participating in the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge…..

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