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Favorite WOD and favorite meal – Mikko Aronpää, unaffiliated, Finland

Name: Mikko Aronpää

Age: 26

Affiliate: unaffliated

Country: Finland

Crossfitting since: August 2009

My favorite WOD: Helen

My RX-time: 7:10

Why this WOD is my favorite: I have a track&field backround and I like running so I think Helen serves my strenghts pretty well. Also, Helen was one of the first CrossFit workouts I did back in the fall 2009. It didn’t look too bad on a paper but it completely crushed me. I had never felt that bad after any workout. That was the moment that really got me into CrossFit.

Any obstacles?: Not really. I’m studying in university getting my masters degree so I have plenty of time for training. I hope that won’t change when I graduate.

There are no CrossFit affliates in my hometown and training alone in a globo gym is sometimes tough and challenging. Usually, I train very early in the morning or very late at night when the gym is quiet and I have access to all equipments I need to.

Future goals: I just want to become a better crossfitter step by step. Improve my strenght level in all major lifts, improve my metcon ability and especially my gymnastics skills. I’m still new to this sport so there are a lot of things to learn and improve. I’m excited to learn more about this awesome sport. My next goal is Europe Sectionals/Regionals 2011 and maybe some smaller competitions if I feel like I want to compete before next year.

My favorite meal/diet: I try to follow the Zone Diet but I’m not very strict about it. I try to eat healthy in geneal. My favorite meal is probably chicken breast with some veggies.

Why this meal/diet is my favorite: It tastes so damn good 🙂

Mikko finished 4th at The European CrossFit Regionals 2010!

Mikko will be participating in the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge…..

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