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CrossFit Rehab – Body SDS by Søren Randløv Petersen, owner CrossFit PaideiaGym, Denmark

How does Body-SDS work?
Body Self Development System is a 100 year old Danish treatment system. A treatment consists of specific massage techniques which aim to mobilize the joints in the body, from head to toe. The techniques I use involve a mix of massage, zonetherapy, acupuncture, acupressure and joint mobilization. Different elements work for different problems.

People typically come to me with limited mobility or soreness in specific areas which they would like assistance with. A Body-SDS treatment differs from other treatment forms in that it seeks to find the source of the pain and does not just treat local symptoms/pain.

When and why should CrossFitters use Body SDS?
The system is fantastic at treating the “injuries” of the modern man/woman (stiff necks, sore shoulders, misuse of feet caused by bad footwear, locked ankles and so on).

Crosfitters should use Body SDS, for different reasons. The Crossfitters I have treated typically fall into 2 categories, those with acute injuries (i.e. back, shoulder, knee, wrist, or ankle pain) and those with poor movement patterns or limited flexibility (i.e. inability to squat properly).

In many cases these problems can be fixed within 10 minutes, however to get the most out of your training (and your body), I suggest a monthly ‘maintenance’ treatment which is a total adjustment of every joint in your body. The intensity of Crossfit makes it very hard on your joints and muscles, however taking the time for monthly check-ups can help prevent injuries before they happen.

How long have you been a Body SDS therapist?
It takes 3 years to become a Therapist, and I finished 4 mounts ago.

Whats the most typical CrossFit related problem that people have when they come to you?
The absolute nr. 1 is, low back pain, caused by bad lifting technique or general misuse of the body.
Nr. 2 would be bad Squats….

How often should you get a therapy session?
Depending on the problem. If we are talking about an acute injury, like a back problem, it typically takes 3-5 treatments over a period of 2 weeks. If you are a Crosfitter at a reasonable level, I would recommend a monthly checkup

Can Body SDS help you perform better in CrossFit workouts?
Yes of course. If you have a locked joint (or many for that matter) your nervous system will shut down different muscles to protect them from further damage. The result being that you will not be able to lift as much weight or move as quickly as you otherwise could.

Anything else you would like to add?
Don’t wait until your injuries get so bad that they stop you from training! Listen to your body and if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort beyond the normal, pass by Paideia Gym. We can do a quick assessment and see how Body-SDS may be able to help.

Contact Søren

Njalsgade 17 a
Bygning 2
2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel : 6177 8489
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Personal trainer
Running coach
FMS – Functional Movement Screen
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