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CrossFit Rehab – physiotherapy and osteopathic treatments etc. by Nikolaj Kaufmann, CrossFit The Royal Danish Life Guards

How do your methods work?
The methods I use in treatment is a mixture of mobilisations, manipulations, myofascial release technique, M.E.T. and other physiotherapy and osteopathic treatments. I use a lot of selfcorrecting and self mobilisation techniques as well.
All together it is all about having free movement in the joints, relaxed soft tissue, well working inner organs and a nerve system that fights with you and not against you.
As a therapist I think the key to great methods is to see the body as one unit, and treat it the same way. If one joint doesn’t work, it will most likely have affect on the joints above and below them as well. If you don’t breath right, this will cost you a lof of pain, less mobility and a hell of a lot of tension. I rarely treat only the problem itself, but search for related restrictions or problems other places as well. It is not rarely I find backache coming from bad biomechanics in the feet, instable knees or loss of mobility and/or stability.

When and why should CrossFitters use your methods?
If they experience decreased mobility, weakness, pain or anything else unusual in their movement system.

How long have you been a therapist?
On paper: 4 years. In real time: 6 years.

Whats the most typical CrossFit related problem that people have when they come to you?
Backache after bad lifthing technique or messed up shoulders after bad technique or too many pullups.

How often should you get a therapy session?
Depending on the injury, often 1-3 x is enough, but again.. If you keep on messing yourself up.. it’s gonna take a while.

Can your method help crossfitters perform better in CrossFit workouts?
Ha ha! I can only say, that I am able to fix a lot of problems, and I can help my clients’ body to heal the damage that they, or others, have done to them(selves). This will of course make their performance better. If they don’t listen to their body, I will have a pretty good business going… And they probably won’t get any better in their performance.

Anything else you would like to add?
The interesting part should be how not to get injured. As a physical trainer and physiotherapist my greatest advice would be “Think, and don’t get injured”. Most of us are just plain stupid. We tell everybody else what to do, while we screw ourselves up. To have a mindset focused on not getting injured and getting stronger in the long run, getting ready for the CROSSFIT CHALLENGE, is often 10x better than having the best time of the WOD every single day in the box.

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