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Getting ready for the Fit As Fu*k Challenge: CrossFit Copenhagen


Number of participants from this affiliate: 29 (20 men, 7 women and 2 masters)

Participant and head coach, Yvonne Ferg, answers the questions:

What’s your ambition for your athletes at the Fit As Fu*k Challenge?

I want them to have a hell of a day, where they get the chance to show the results of the hard work they have put in the past months, compare themselves to and be inspired by other CrossFitters and have tons of fun while doing so!

Any kind of workout/exercise that you hope for?

There is no specific exercise or workout I hope for. However, it would be great if the selection of workouts paid tribute to the fact that the participants are an extremely eclectic group. It stretches from people fairly new to CrossFit to experienced athletes, who have been competing successfully at a national or international level. I would love for all athletes to be able to finish their part of the challenge with a sense of accomplishment and pride in their performance.

Do you have any obstacles in terms of equipment in your box, that might have given your athletes a disadvantage? 

Not really. We don’t have sandbags with the correct weight for workout no. 2. Other than that we are pretty well equipped and do not have any excuses for not performing at our best.

Which affiliates do you think will do best overall ? 

I’ll definitely put my money on the crew from BootCamp.

Have your athletes done any special training together in preparation for the challenge?

No. With 29 participating athletes joint prep training is pretty much a logistical problem and not everybody’s weaknesses could be addressed under those sessions anyway. But people have been really good at teaming up in smaller groups and pushing each other to their limits there.