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Getting ready for the Fit As Fu*k Challenge: BootCamp Iceland


Number of participants from this affiliate: 6 (3 men and 3 women)

Wellknown athletes from Bootcamp Iceland:

  • Annie Mist Þórisdóttir (CrossFit Games 2009 + 2010)
  • Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson (CrossFit Games 2009 + 2010)
  • Manager and inctructor, Robert Traustason, answers the questions:

    Whats your ambition for your athletes at the Fit As Fu*k Challenge?

    We just hope they keep improving and performing as well as they have in the past. We also hope they can show others how to be in a competitive mode while still having fun at the same time. Their camaraderie is something we are equally as proud of as their physical skills.

    Any kind of workout/exercise that you hope for?

    Anything long and hard with descent weights would suit them well. It is always good though to expose your weaknesses and finding new ones. We just hope they won’t find any during this competition.

    Do you have any obstacles in terms of equipment in your box, that might have given your athletes a disadvantage? 

    No, we’ve really been gearing up so these guys so that they can do all of their training at Boot Camp. A year ago we didn’t have any rings, bumper plates or prowlers but we’ve been adding equipment gradually from day one and continue doing so. We feel as if they have everything they need for their training and to get ready for competitions.

    Which affiliates do you think will do best overall ? 

    Not sure, hope it will be Boot Camp 😉

    Have your athletes done any special training together in preparation for the challenge? 

    We have a good group of athletes that train together (in addition to Boot Camp workouts) and they push each other to improve more so these additional workouts help prepare them for the specifics of Crossfit competitions or any other for that matter. So Boot Camp gives them the foundation and these workouts build on top of that.