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Getting ready for the FIT AS FU*K Challenge: CrossFit Uppsala


Number of participants from this affiliate: 6 (5 men and 1 woman)

Owner Martin Altemark answers the questions:

Whats your ambition for your athletes at the Fit As Fu*k Challenge?

To have fun and to test our abilities. My take on CrossFit competition is that it’s not so much a competition between athletes, but more of a way of getting yourself to evolve as a person. Full effort is truly full victory no matter of where in the scoring card you end up.

Any kind of workout/exercise that you hope for?

Hoping that it won’t be too hard technically, at least in the early workouts, since I know alot of people who is attending is not so experienced CrossFitters. Besides that I don’t care at all, just something that is fun and a challenge.

Do you have any obstacles in terms of equipment in your box, that might have given your athletes a disadvantage?

Oh, we have loads of obstacles, main one being that we don’t have access to it more than a few hours every week. The rest of the time we train outside or on our own. BUT we also have a big advantage: the best members there is! We’re a very small box, but we really, really enjoy eachother and we truly appreciate everone’s efforts and progress.

It’s really not so much about equipment that pushes you forward, as having fun and appreciate eachother. However it could of course hold us back in the competition if it’s specialized in some ways.

Which affiliates do you think will do best overall ?

I don’t know. Most affiliates participating are very good ones, and I have met wonderful athletes from all of them during competitions. What constitutes to do best anyway? To place highest or to have athletes really push to their limits? I lean towards the latter and think that all affiliates will do fantastic considering this!

(However I think CrossFit Uppsala will dominate the after-party!)

Have your athletes done any special training together in preparation for the challenge?

Absolutely not. If someone was prepping for the CrossFit games it would be a different thing: for that you have to periodize and think about your weaknesses and strengths so much more, but for a challenge like this I think it is just to do whatever works for you normally and to go out to have fun.