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Only a few spots left – CROSSFIT POWERLIFTING CERTIFICATION SEMINAR 6.-7. November 2010 @ CTC Køge, Denmark




Crossfit Training Center (CF Training Center Koge)
Tigervej 12-14
4600 Køge, Denmark


The seminar fee 595 USD and must be paid in advance

Number of participants: max. 30 (on first come, first serve basis)


Register here:


This 2-day seminar will introduce the training methods that have made Westside Barbell and it´s founder Louie Simmons World famous. People attending Westside Powerlifting Crossfit Seminar get to know the unique conjugate training system that enables you to utilize most effective training methods at the same time:

  • Start and end time: 9 am to 5 pm each day
  • Meals: Please bring a lunch as there will not be a break for you to go out and get lunch
  • What to bring: notebook, pen or pencil, training clothes, lifting shoes/shoes for lifting
  • Dynamic method
  • Max effort method
  • Repeated effort method
  • Reactive and contrast methods 

One important aspect is program design and periodization. Intencity zone loading and how to control volume, couple the different methods in one combination that works best for you.

  • Optimal volume
  • Dynamic waves
  • The role of time
  • Max effort periodization
  • Developement of maximum and speed strength
  • Strength endurance and lactic acid tolerance
  • Raising GPP and SPP
  • Flexibility training

Most of all, this is a hands on seminar that will teach you the correct form of all powerlifts and most important special exercises and training techniques of Westside Barbell.

  • Box squats
  • Sled pulling techniques
  • Proper bench form
  • Kettlebell techniques for fitness
  • Deadlift and pulling exercises
  • Floor press
  • Overhead lifting
  • Bodyweight exercises

On top of this, seminar will include a plyometric part with several jumping and throwing techniques.

  • Jumping techniques
  • Throwing techniques
  • When and how to employ them in your routine

Seminar will fit all levels of athletes, everyone will perform at their own level. We will take 30 people on first come, first serve basis. The seminar fee 595 USD and must be paid in advance.

”Sakari is the only one here or abroad that I would ever consider doing this with. I have high regard for his knowledge and how he presents it.” – Louie Simmons

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