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Getting ready for the Fit As Fu*k Challenge: CrossFit Nordic



Number of participants from this affiliate: 10 (5 men, 4 women, 1 master)

Coach Rickard Walén answers the questions:

Whats your ambition for your athletes at the Fit As Fu*k Challenge?

Our ambition is to have a good time, put on a great performance and hopefully take home some trophies. We look forward to a hell of a competition and to keep forging the scandinavian CrossFit Community.

Any kind of workout/exercise that you hope for?

I can’t think of any kind of exercise that would favor all our athletes, since we have a good spread of capacities and are a diverse group. Maybe double-unders, by the way 🙂

Do you have any obstacles in terms of equipment in your box, that might have given your athletes a disadvantage?

We are still waiting for our GHDs so that might be an issue. But tons of other mid.stab.exercises are practiced instead 🙂
And we don’t have a swimming pool so that might be hard for some of our athletes, except the former elite swimmers (not kidding).

Which affiliates do you think will do best overall ?

Well, it’s hard to predict but we’ve heard that these Boot Camp guys and girls are doing OK in competitions.

Have your athletes done any special training together in preparation for the challenge?

Not yet.