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Demi Karatzaferi: Official photographer at the Fit As Fu*k Challenge!

We are happy to announce, that one af the official photographers at the Fit As Fu*k Challenge will be Demi Karatzaferi from Greece.

Demi  has  graduated from Cinematography Private University in Athens and has worked as a profesional photographer for 17 years.

Her  website is – please note that the website is in the process of being made, and only a small sample of her work has been uploaded so far. However Demi hopes that it will be finished by September, when she’s coming to Denmark.

Demi has been doing CrossFit  for the last couple of months only, as she was practicing on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before that. She will be in Denmark with the greek athlete Marianna Tzourtzek (the owner of CrossFit Hellas) who will take part in the Fit As Fu*k Challenge.