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Impressions from Butcher’s Garage Stronger Challenge 2011

Kyle Raymond, 130 kg. power clean

Nicholas James Ennis, nasty prowler push @ 140 kg.

Sarah 67,5 kg. squat clean @ Butcher’s Garage Stronger Challenge 2011

Ditte 125 kg. deadlift in trapbar

Nikolaj Kaufmann, 260 kg. deadlift in trapbar

Ditte, 70 kg. power clean

Ready to lift heavy!!!

Philip Hargett, 120 kg. clean

Frederik Ægidius, 150 kg. bench press

WOD # 3 (“Butcher’s Handshake”)

Liz Gunner, farmer walk (finale)


Anja Simonsen, struggeling with the tire

Thomas Østergaard, 140 kg. prowler push

Mads Thimm, barbell complex (“DT”) @ 70 kg.

Christoffer Riis, trapbar deadlift


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CrossFit Seminars in Copenhagen spring/summer 2011

 CrossFit the Royal Danish Guards (Livgarden)

Butcher’s Garage


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On-line reader quiz – Butcher’s Garage Stronger Challenge 2011: and the winners are

Congratulations to Mathias, Jannik and Sanne who all guessed the right winners of the Butcher’s Garage Stronger Challenge 2011!

See the winners here.

You’ve won:

  • Mathias: Butcher’s t-shirt
  • Sanne: Butcher’s t-shirt
  • Jannik: Free training af Butcher’s Garage (1 month)

The prizes are waiting for you at Butcher’s Garage 🙂


Butcher’s Garage Stronger Challenge 2011 – and the winners are….


  • 1st: ”Team shut up and squat” (Philip Hargett, Frederik Ægidius, Kristoffer Hansen)
  • 2nd: ”Team BeefCake” (Daniel Arensborg, Christoffer Bramgaard Dixen Møller, Kasper Hansen)
  • 3rd: ”The Mechanics” (David Ulrich Hansen, Peter Willers Jepsen, Nicholas Holst)


  • 1st: ”Pink Thunder” (Liz Gunner, Ditte Jacobsen, Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup)
  • 2nd: ” Team Lift-a-Lot” (Linda Storm, Anja Simonsen og co.)

Best Affiliate

  • CrossFit Butchers Lab/CrossFit Butcher’s Garage

Best PR of the day

  • Nikolaj Kaufmann 260 kg. deadlift (“Team Lumberjacked”)

Thanks to our sponsors!

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We’re off to Butcher’s Garage Stronger Challenge

The Challenge starts at 14:00 – see the schedule here.
Address: Kløverbladsgade 53, 2500 Valby (Denmark)
See the events here.
GO TEAM PINK THUNDER!!!!!! (Ditte, Liz & Sarah)
Thanks to our sponsors!


Video CrossFit Challenge: Who’s your favorite girl???

Send us a video ( a link in the comments below of you doing your favorite girl. Best male and female result in each category (Fran, Diane, Angie, Linda, Cindy, Grace, Fran, Helen)  will win a cool FIT AS FU*K t-shirt.

It’s time to walk the talk 🙂

Deadline: end February 2011.

Addicted to Crossfit?? CrossFit Summer Camp @ La Santa Sport (Lanzarote, Spain 27 May-2 June). See more here.


On-line reader quiz – Butcher’s Garage Stronger Challenge 2011: quess the winners!

Guess who will finish 1st and 2nd (men and women) in the Butcher’s Garage Stronger Challenge 2011!

Post your name, e-mail and who you think will win in the comments below (no later than Friday 18 FEB).

The prizes are:

  • 2 x free training (1 month) @ Butcher’s Garage
  • 2 x Butcher’s Garage t-shirts

Winners will be announced here after the challenge. Prizes can hereafter be picked up at Butcher’s Garage….

Butcher’s Garage is looking forward to seeing a lot of athletes, spectators etc. on their opening day 19 FEB 2011. The day starts with free intro classes in CrossFit and is topped with Denmark’s strongest challenge at 14:00! For more info:


The Teams are:

# 1- “Diciplene” (the dicples)

  • Anders Hansen
  • Thomas Østergaard
  • Martin Issing

# 2 – ”Team Powered by Bacon”

  • Allan Hansen
  • Michael Møller Hansen
  • Kristian Stær

# 3 – ”Team LABrats”

  • Christian Palm
  • Morten L. Sørensen
  • Kenneth Helt

# 4 -”Team Ginger”

  • Nicholas Ennis
  • Andreas Nissen
  • Thomas Debiasio

# 5 – BB “Burpee boys”

  • Daniél Andreasen
  • Baris Halitoglu
  • Mads Tarp Hold

# 6 – ” TTYN”

  • Allan Jensen
  • Mikkel Monsrud
  • Simon Johnsen

#  7 – ”Team shut up and squat”

  • Philip Hargett
  • Frederik Ægidius
  • Kristoffer Hansen

# 8 – ”Team LumberJacked”

  • Nikolaj Kaufmann
  • Dan Bjerregaard
  • Jacob Søndergaard

# 9 – CrossFit Aalborg

  • Mads Skovsgaard Thimm
  • Marco Lyngsø Toldbod
  • Benjamin Rønning Lassen

# 10 – ”5-3-1-Done”

  • Simon Rodovsky
  • Kyle Raymond
  • Christian Jaehger

# 11 – ”The Mechanics”

  • David Ulrich Hansen
  • Peter Willers Jepsen (PP)
  • Nicholas Holst

# 12 – ” Team BeefCake”

  • Daniel Arensborg
  • Christoffer Bramgaard Dixen Møller
  • Anders Lerche

# 13 – ”Pink Thunder”

  • Liz Gunner
  • Ditte Jacobsen
  • Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup

# 14 – ” Team Lift-a-Lot”

  • Linda Storm
  • Hrund Scheving
  • Anja Simonsen


The WODs are:

WOD #1

“Butcher’s Garage Total”

The team (3 persons) has 20 min. to establish 2 x 1RM lifts on the following lifts:

  • Deadlift (with a twist – to be revealed on the 19 FEB)
  • Back squat
  • Bench press
  • Clean (anyhow)

The 2 heaviest lifts in each discipline (fx. deadlift) performed by 2 different people will go into the Butcher’s Garage Total. As it is a team event, each team member has to contribute with at least 2 lifts in 2 disciplines (fx. 1 bench press + 1 clean). The team may try as many lifts as possible and in any order. After the 20 min., the judge needs to have 2 scores on each lift performed by 2 different team members.

Judges will NOT help loading + unloading the bar. Each team will have 1 bar, 1 bench, 1 squat rack and enough bumper plates. Lowest bumper plates will be 2 x 5 kg, 2 x 2,5 kg., 2 x 1, 25 kg.

Example – score (Kenneth, Anders and Henrik are in the same team):

Deadlift: Kenneth 200 kg + Anders 200 kg. = 400 kg.
Back squat: Henrik 200 kg. + Anders 200 kg. = 400 kg.
Bench press: Kenneth 100 kg. + Henrik 100 kg. = 200 kg.
Clean (anyhow): Kenneth 100 kg. + Anders 100 kg. = 200 kg.
Butcher’s Garage Total = 1200 kg.

(Kenneth does 3 lifts, Anders does 3 lifts, Henrik does 2 lifts)

Heats: 3 teams in each heat, time limit: 20 min.

WOD #2

“Tire, Sledge and Prowler Flu”

This WOD is a prowler, sledge, tire, and sandbag relay.

For time:

  • 1st team member has to push the prowler (on the high end) from one end of the turf (kunstgræs) to the other, then grap his sandbag and run back
  • 2nd team member has to pull the sledge from one end of the turf (kunstgræs) to the other, then grap his sandbag and run back
  • 3rd team member has to do tire flips from one end of the turf (kunstgræs) to the other, then grap his sandbag and run back


  • 1st team member graps his sandback, runs back to the prowler, dumps the sand back, and pushes the prowler (on the low end) back.
  • 2nd team member graps his sandback, runs back to the sledge, dumps the sand back, and drags the sledge backwards back.
  • 3rd team member graps his sandback, runs back to the tire, dumps the sand back, and flips the tire back.

Weight + distance will be revealed on the day of the competition.

Heats: 2 teams in each heat, time limit: 12 min.


“Butcher’s Handshake”

For a total time:

The 1st team member does:

9-6-3 reps of:

  • DB thrusters 24/16 kg. in each hand
  • DB box walk 24/16 kg. in each hand
  • DB hammer curls 24/16 kg. in each hand

THEN the 2nd team member does:

3 (men)/2 (women) rounds of “DT”:

  • 70/50 kg. deadlift, 12 reps
  • 70/50 kg. hang power clean, 9 reps
  • 70/50 kg. push jerk, 6 reps

LAST the 3rd team member does:

  • 36/26 KB snatch @ 32/24 kg.

Heats: 4 teams in each heat, time limit: 15 min.


“Hesher Heaven, Hipster Hell”

Farmer walk for 4 min. The team who walks the longest distance wins. You can switch as many times as you like.

Weight will be revealed on the day of the competition.

The 2 best male and the 2 best female teams will compete in the finale.

Heats: 2 teams in each heat x 2 heats, time limit: 4 min.


Standard CrossFit scoring. The winning team in an event, gets 1 point, the second place gets 2 points etc. In case of a tie when entering into the final, WOD1 (team who lifted the most) will decide the finalists.

The best team going into the finale starts 30 sec. ahead of no. 2.