Cool Apps for Crossfitters!


CrossFit Finder

This will help you find your nearest CrossFit box, when you are on the road: link

100 push ups

Want to do a hundred consecutive push ups? This app will guide you through a 6 week training program:  link


Helps you calculate your 1RM and percentages – link

Gymboss interval timer

The well-known interval timer, now available for iphone – link


Know a great App? Post a comment!

3 thoughts on “Cool Apps for Crossfitters!

  1. Xercise for android lets you log your WODs, has demo videos, subs for exercises, a converter, a timer, a stopwatch and tabatta timer as well as a running timer with GPS to calculate the distance and elevation. It also has most of the benchmark WODs and lets you create extra if you have one you like and they don’t list. Oh and it also lets you see and log your box’s WOD via RSS if they have one. I love it!

  2. Jeg har ikke en app, jeg vil anbefale. Til gengæld vil jeg gerne takke for tippet om Gymboss interval timeren. Nu skal der køres tabatha hjemme i stuen. 🙂

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