FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge 2011 – are you ready?

  • When: 27. August 2011 @ 9AM-8PM
  • Where: “Toftegårds Plads”, 2500 Valby, Denmark (centrally located in Copenhagen)
  • Toftegårds Plads is a public square in the middle of the city part “Valby”, centrally located in Copenhagen and 1 km. from CrossFit Butcher’s Garage
  • Competitors: Individual men and women + teams (2 men + 1 woman)
  • WODs: will be released 3 days before the event
  • Number of WODS: 3 + 1 final (for individuals + teams)
  • Cut-offs: all athletes will participate in WOD 1 and 2
  • Scoring: CrossFit Games standard scoring
  • Prizes: 1-3 men/women/teams, best affiliate trophy + style award
  • Afterparty: YES – same place as the challenge. Starts right after the challenge.
  • Judges/officials/sponsors: please contact
  • More info:
  • Hotel suggestion:
  • CrossFit Butcher’s Garage: Kløverbladsgade 53, 2500 Valby
  • Sign up (athletes/officials/judges):

In case you can’t make it anyway, your registration fee will NOT be refunded.

Prepare for an outdoor competition.

Athletes will have a rest area inside.

There is a café on Toftegårds Plads and lots of small stores, supermarkets and cafees within 200 meters.

Transportation: train to Valby and 1,5 min walk.


Photo by Jo Briggs

Individual competetition will be at the same level as last year. No masters division this year, but masters are more than welcome to participate as individuals/part of a team. Team competition will be just slightly easier than the individual competition (but still hard :-)).