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First day at The Cross, Portugal

Today, we arrived at the newly opened “The Cross” in Portugal. We are staying here for 4 days on a CrossFit and endurance training camp.

The facilities here include: 

– Outdoor CrossFit Gym

– Big lake for swimming and watersports

– Great area where you can do trail runs and mountain-bike rides

– Villa with accommodations  for 10 persons

We did a short outdoor WOD, in a fight gone bad set-up: OH squats 30 kg, KB snatches 16 kg, Hill sprints, Double Unders, Sledge hammer strikes.

And of course, we finished with a swim in the lake 🙂


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The CrossFit Games Open 2011: 5 WODs are done, 1 more to go!

The CrossFit Games Open 2011 is almost over. The participating 25000+ crossfittes world wide are excited to see who will go on to the CrossFit Regionals, after the results from WOD 6 have been submitted on Sunday 1st May. In Europe, top 60 men, top 60 women, and top 30 teams qualify for the Regionals.

With just 1 more WOD to go, CrossFit Butcher’s Garage has done a great job so far.

CrossFit Butcher’s Garage is currently 2nd in Europe, and no. 24 world wide.

In Europe, the following from our team are in top 60 after 5 WODs:


  • Frederik Ægidius, 4th
  • Anders Galaly, 14th
  • Martin Møller, 30th


  • Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup, 6th
  • Ditte Jacobsen, 17th
  • Anne Bisgaard, 59th

….. and there’s still 1 more WOD to go!

Good luck to all participants!


PN part 3: The verdict

Did it make me perform better?

This is always difficult to asses – and I have been performing much better than usual during the last couple of months, but this could also be due to better programming. I would say that my strength gains suggest a sufficient amount of protein in my diet, and furthermore I have been feeling much better and more eager to train!

Body composition

I have experienced the following changes in body- shape & composition:

Measurements before/after (cm):

Neck girth: 32 / 32

Shoulder girth: 109,5 / 109,5

Chest girth: 86 / 86

Upper arm girth: 31 / 29,5

Waist girth: 72 / 70,5

Hip girth: 98 / 98

Thigh girth: 57 / 54,5

Calf girth: 39 / 38.5

Skinfold measurements Before/After (mm):

Abdominal skinfold: 12 / 9

Triceps skinfold: 15 / 15

Chest skinfold: 4 / 3

Mid axilary skinfold: 8 / 5

Subscapular skinfold: 8 / 8

Supraheliac skinfold: 10 / 7

Thigh skinfold: 20 / 17


16,4 % –> 14,5 % 

I had a relatively low bodyfat-percentage before, so I didn’t do this to get in “bikini” shape 🙂 I was surprised to see how much change had happened, because I had not felt like I was on a diet – at all!

I have used the PN method with many of my personal training clients, especially one of them was very enthusiastic (maybe because she was getting married), and her BF% went from 34% to 18% during the 6 months that I worked with her. Note that alongside the diet, she worked her ass off in the gym with heavy training and sprinting!

The point is that PN is a powerful tool for changing body-composition, while continuing to focus on athletic performance.

And what about the costs?

The cost is practically one of the only downsides of PN. Eating large amounts of fresh vegetables and meat every day is definitely more expensive than the classic “student menu”: pasta with ketchup 🙂 I was fortunate enough that my boyfriend was helping with the expenses (and food preparation) – but you should be willing to invest some money in your health.

Good planning can help you minimize expenses: Shop for groceries 1 – 2 times a week, and prepare at least 3 meals at a time. Lean chicken can be bought in quite big portions, so look out for good offers at your local supermarket.

We get fresh organic vegetables and fruit delivered every week by the company “Årstiderne”, this ensures variation and is a very convenient solution. I don’t know if this kind of service is available in other countries, but please post a link in comments if you live outside Denmark and know of something similar.

Is this a sustainable diet?

After the “experiment” I have continued to implement the PN principles in my diet. I don’t keep score anymore – and if you offer me a piece of cake, I will accept! Overall I feel that my diet has improved by the following parameters:

→ My breakfast has changed from bread-based to protein-super-shake

→ I remember my lunch every day and it has become a habit to prepare it the night before, which makes me much more likely to bring it

→ I have become accustomed to pre and post workout nutrition. This is crucial for me since my weightlifting sessions are quite long, and I need to stay focused the whole time!

More info on PN

Check out:

The site offers a free “mini course” by email – I strongly recommend this!!


PN part 2: What about my friends Ben and Jerry???

Cheat meals!

Every well-balanced diet should (in my opinion) contain some ice cream 🙂 Research has shown that if you stick to a diet 90% of the time, the last 10 % shouldn’t deprive you of results.

What I like about PN is that you actually plan your cheat meals in advance, in that way you keep control and are less likely to binge and lose motivation.

If you eat 6 meals a day, that’s 42 meals a week – meaning that you can have up to 4 cheat meals each week! But here’s the tricky part – if you skip a meal – it will also be counted as a cheat meal! Ouch…

Weekly adherence chart

To keep track of my adherence, I used a weekly chart. It’s easy to make one yourself, just make a column for each weekday and 7 rows – one for each meal. If you eat a meal in accordance with the PN guidelines, you just put a “X” in the box, and if you miss a meal or skip a meal, put an “O” in the box. Each week just take the number of X’s and divide with the total number of meals (O+X) and then you have the adherence! This number should ideally be 0,90 or greater, but I have had clients who achieved great results with 0,80 – it greatly depends on your current habits and your body-composition.

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Team Butcher’s Garage: Meet the team members part 1

For 4 weeks now, 35 people from CrossFit Butcher’s Garage (Copenhagen, Denmark) have been working hard, in order for CrossFit Butcher’s Garage to achieve a spot at the CrossFit Games European Regionals 3-5 June in Manchester, UK. In this post, some of them share their thoughts on the CrossFit Games Open 2011 so far.

Nicolas Holst

  • Height:15′
  • Weight:82 kg.
  • Hometown:Frederiksberg Denmark
  • Rank: 138 / 624

What has been your favourite WOD?

WOD 3 ! Nice with a semi-heavy WOD

Do you have any regrets (about something you’ve done the in the last weeks) ?

Not giving WOD 2 another try! That might have improved my overall placement

In what way have you exceeded your own expectations ?

Prior to doing WOD 1.11, I hadn’t done any workouts in 6 months, so my cardio was far from optimal. Regardless of that, I have performed quite good!

Which member of the team has impressed you the most?

Martin Møller. In spite of a long break  from CF and no “super tight” programming, he has performed really good!

What exercise do you pray for in the last WOD?

More double unders!

Who is your closest competitor (DK/ outside) ?

I am ! I need to improve my cardio 🙂

—  o0o —–

Morten L. Sørensen

  • Height: 180 Centimeters
  • Weight: 85 Kilograms
  • Hometown:København N, Denmark
  • Rank: 278 / 624

What has been your favourite WOD?

WOD 3, let’s lift some heavy things.

Do you have any regrets (about something you’ve done the in the last weeks) ?

That I did not give it a second run on WOD 4.

In what way have you exceeded your own expectations ?

It has surprised me, that my Muscle Ups went so smooth as they did. Compared to I never really had done them before.

Which member of the team has impressed you the most?

Anders Lundgaard, in WOD 3 he completed that many rounds with more that his own BW.

What exercise do you pray for in the last WOD?

Some heavy kettlebell snatches

Who is your closests competitor (DK/ outside) ?

It would be Anders Lundgaard

— 00o — 

Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup

Rank: 5/ 175

What has been your favourite WOD?

WOD3 – the heavier, the better!

Do you have any regrets (about something you’ve done the in the last weeks) ?

4 attempts on WOD 3 spiced up with 3 x weightlifting classes in 1 week – my legs are still on fire!!!

In what way have you exceeded your own expectations ?

I’ve done better world wide, than I had ever thought – an OK post pregnancy come back!

Which member of the team has impressed you the most?

The ladies in our team at CrossFit Butcher’s Garage!!!!!!!!

What exercise do you pray for in the last WOD?

Kipping handstand push-ups and lots of them! OR 1RM overhead squat, or just heavy squats! Who doesn’t love to squat 🙂

Who is your closests competitor (DK/ outside) ?

Denmark: Ditte (luckily we’re on the same team)

Europe: all the ladies in front of me (mostly from Iceland)


PN part 1: Implementing a new diet strategy

My everyday life consists mainly of 2 activities: training and eating 🙂 In between I do some studying, but even at the university a lot of my classes are practical ( I study sports science). I eat breakfast at home, some snacks and lunch on the go and dinner at home.

I am a big sugar addict – and would happily exchange “a normal lunch” for a large cafe latte and a big brownie 😉 But (un)fortunately I know enough about good nutrition to acknowledge that my performance in the gym (and let’s be honest, my general health) would suffer on such a diet ..

I have been testing the Precision Nutrition eating habits while tracking my adherence, performance, well-being and body composition.

What I did ….

Before starting on the diet, I went shopping! I decided to start when I had a week off in order to have some time to adjust to my new eating habits before implementing them in my busy everyday life.

The Shopping List

Organic vegetables and fruit (from

Chicken and other lean meat

Various nuts and seeds

Extra virgin Olive oil

Low-fat dairy products (my favorite being “Skyr”)

Frozen berries

Quinoa and wholegrain pasta

Chick peas

Organic eggs

Supplements from including:

Protein powder ( Elite Whey, Elite Primal, Elite Casein)

Low-carb RTD protein shakes

Fish oil capsules

ZMA tablets


NO explode

Organic Gymnema Plus from Pukka

Note: since Progenex arrived in DK, I have been using “More muscle” and “Recovery” with great results – plus the taste is really good!!!

 A typical day for me would consist of the following 5 meals: breakfast

Skyr (low fat dairy) stirred with chocolate protein powder, grated coconut, unsweetened cocoa powder, and ½ banana. (This is a winning combo if you like something sweet)!

Raw vegetables (prepared the night before) on the side – sometimes with unsweetened peanut butter for dipping


3 fish oil capsules

2 Gymnema plus capsules

1 L-lysine capsule

Off to school, having some sort of hands-on lesson (could be learning to swim a certain style or perform a specific gymnastic exercise).

 10 am: snack

Carrot- and celery sticks, salad with chicken breast, mixed nuts, wholegrain pasta, green beans, and tomatoes. (I bring a large Tupperware container and eat the salad as several meals).

1 pm: lunch

Like the snack I just described + 1 piece of fruit

Weightlifting session from 3 pm to 6 pm

Workout snack: carb/protein bar or shake, NO-explode during exercise.

7 pm: dinner

Danish meatballs with a mixed salad, oven-baked root vegetables

3 fish oil capsules

2 Gymnema Plus capsules

10 pm: shake

Low-fat milk, protein powder, frozen berries

2 ZMA capsules


Precision Nutrition: Possible alternative to paleo- and zonediet?

Being a personal trainer and CrossFit coach, I have come across a lot of different diets. In the CrossFit community, 2 diets are especially widespread: The Zone Diet and The Paleo Diet. I have tried both, never making it past the first week. I found that The Zone Diet brought back some bad memories from being underweight and obsessed with food as a teenager, and the Paleo Diet was way to low on carbs for my temper (and training schedule). In search of a better alternative (for me), I came across “Precision Nutrition” and I have been so exited about it, that I decided to share some of my experiences with you. 

Why Precision Nutrition ?

The challenge for me was to find a diet, that is high on protein, vegetables and let’s me eat some carbs especially around training. I wanted a simple system (no weighing the food, no counting calories, no special meal plans), that would leave me feeling energized and full.

Precision Nutrition is based on some very simple “rules”/ habits:

1. Eat every 2-3 hours

2. Eat protein with every meal

3. Eat vegetables with every meal

4. Eat carbs during & after exercise

5. Eat healthy fats every day

6. Drink water and green tea

7. Eat whole foods

8. Plan to break the rules

9. Prepare meals in advance

10. Eat a variety of healthy foods


I have been testing PN during the last months, and have written 3 posts about it:

Part 1: Implementing a new diet strategy

Part 2: What about my friends Ben and Jerry???

Part 3: The verdict

They will be published during this week, and I hope that you will find it inspiring 🙂

– Ditte

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THE CROSS – Portugal

A while ago, we received the coolest invitation ever from THE CROSS in Portugal to come and stay at their new villa for a few days.


We are looking forward to enjoying ourselves, training hard in the sun and hopefully hitting some swimming WODs as well…..

The Cross is a new, ultimate training center for CrossFit and Triathlon. The Cross opened their doors in April 2011 in Ferreira do Zêzere in Portugal, about 150 km north of Lisbon. The Cross is located in Casa do Lago, a comfortable villa that can accommodate up to ten guests.

The Cross overlooks a 80 km long lake with crystal clear water and is located in a hilly and area with lots of green. The location is ideal for outdoor sports while enjoying the mild climate and beautiful scenery combined with an active sports program.

During our stay we’ll be hitting WOD6 for the Games Open (with Samantha Briggs and Numi Snær Katrínarson amongst others) 🙂

We’re super excited about visting the Cross and so happy that we got invited! 

Read more about The Cross: