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Preparing for the European Regionals: Númi Snær Katrínarson and Jenny Jacobsen

All over Europe, athletes are getting ready for one of the greatest European CrossFit events so far. No two athletes are the same, and how they prepare is very different. Read on to find out how your favourite athlete gets psyched for the weekend.


1) How are your training routines this week (leading up to the Regionals)?
2) How do you prepare mentally?
3) Does your diet change?
4) Do you have any routines / rituals that you must adhere to?
5) Are your bags packed? :)

Númi Snær Katrínarson, CROSS GYM Athlete, Individual competition, finished 8th in the Opens. 

1) My training routines have changed a bit, not that hard WOD’s and not that heavy weights. I’m just stretching, running/rowing easy and then I do play around warm up.

2) I dont think I prepare mentally, it somehow comes on its own.. When I can feel the smell of sweat and I see the competitors something happens in my head. I can’t explain it :)

3) My diet does not change, I dont think it matters to change the diet 1 week before a competition. You have to think about what you eat months before the competition and that’s what I do.

4) I don´t have any routines that I must do. Sometimes I listen to heavy metal music and watch inspiration videos ;)

5) I have not packed my bags, what should I bring?? :)

Rock On!!!

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Jenny Jacobsen, CrossFit Team Reebok , Individual competition, finished 9th in the Opens

1) I have been resting alot. Did some training this weekend and last one on tuesday. I have some troubles with my forearms that will not heal..

3) My diet stays the same. I eat Paleo with some exceptions =)

4) I don´t have any routines.

5) I will pack my bags tonight!

I´m really looking forward to this weekend! Good luck everyone =)