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PROGENEX – 5 quick questions to Philip Hargett

Philip Hargett trains at Butcher’s Garage (Denmark) and is also an experienced american football player.
  1. How often do you use Progenex products?
    Before training (More Muscle) and after training (Recovery & Growth).
  2. What is your favourite taste?
    I like the chokolate alot – especially seeing as how it’s mixed with water and not milk. Usually I don’t like mixing my protien in water. However, I don’t much like the Tropical Vanilla. But those are the only two I’ve tried.
  3. Do you feel any effect on your performance and/or recovery?
    Yes I do feel that it has a positive effect. Particularly In terms of recovery time – Heavy ‘DOMS’ are very rare when using Progenex.
  4. Would you recommend Progenex to others? Why / why not ?
    Definitely, I often do! To anyone who needs high quality supplements Progenex is the way to go.
  5. How would you rate Progenex on a scale from 1- 10?
    I’d say 10! It’s a top quality product… Great taste (Chokolate atleast), Easily mixable (No chunks) and nice noticeable effect!

I can’t wait to try using it now that I’m about to do the Jim Wendler strength program. Hoping to see great results!

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