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Danish Championships/pentathlon – olympic weightlifting

Since I was introduced to CrossFit in 2008 and working with barbells, I immediately fell in love with the olympic weightlifting component in CrossFit. It took me some years to realise how fun olympic weightlifting is, and in November 2010 I finally joined a weightlifting club under the Danish Weightlifting Federation.

It has been some fun months with lots of disciplined weightlifting training,  joint CrossFit/weightlifting events and participation in real weightlifting competitions under the Danish Weightlifting Federation.

Since November 2010, my snatch has improved by 13 kg. (from 45-58 kg.) and I have regained my strength in my clean & jerk (70 kg.) after my pregnancy.

This weekend, I participated in the Danish Championships/pentathlon (snatch, clean and jerk, sprint, shot put, triple jump) in Olympic weightlifting, finished first in my age group (29-39 years), and PR’ed in snatch: 58 kg.

This is what I like about olympic weightlifting:

  • Disciplined and planned training with a coach
  • Finding the right focus in my daily training and in competitions
  • ONLY 3 attempts in each lift
  • Competing and setting up for competitions

Next goals are:

  • Compete in the 69 kg. class
  • Snatch 65 kg.
  • Clean and jerk 75 kg.
  • Front squat 100 kg.

I’m interested to see where this journey will end…..


I will only advise others to start oplympic weightlifting if you’re interested in the sport itself. Olympic weightlifting for CrossFit (other rules and standards applicable) is taught the best way at most CrossFit boxes 🙂