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Road to the 2011 CrossFit Games: our weekly training – week 1

Team Butcher’s Garage has this week been divided into two teams and have competed in the following:

  • Individual WOD: Kelly (5 rounds: 400 m. run, 30 wall balls, 30 box jumps)
  • Individual lift: bench press 5 RM
  • 2 x team WODs for 3 persons

Team A: Sanne, Sarah Nicholas

Team B: Ditte, Anders, Kyle

Our average 5RM in bench press was 85 kg or 510 kg. in total.

Team A was in average slightly (11 seconds) faster than team B in the individual WOD “Kelly”.

Team B won BOTH team WODs that in general consisted of: deadlift, pistols, rowing, 1 RM shoulder to overhead, heavy thrusters, C2B pull-ups and buddy carry.

Support Team Butcher’s Garage @ The CrossFit Games 2011

Team Butcher’s Garage will be the only Danes participating in the entire competition – and we are looking forward to 3 days of fierce competition at the 2011 CrossFit Games. Any donations or sponsorships to support our trip would be much appriciated. Donations can be placed here: