PROGENEX – 6 quick questions to Ditte Jacobsen

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Ditte from Butcher’s Garage (Denmark) finished 2th in the team competition at the European CrossFit Regionals 2011 and will be representing Denmark and Europe at the CrossFit Games 2011 in USA.

1) How often do you use Progenex products?

I use the products 4 -5 times a week. More when I’m training hard up to competitions.

2) Which products do you use?

I use Recovery after workouts, and sometimes More muscle for breakfast if I’m in a hurry.

3) What is your favourite taste?

Belgian Chocolate! That is the best tasting powder I’ve ever tasted.

4) Do you feel any effect on your performance and/or recovery?

Yes! I have continued to improve my strength despite training really hard, sometimes 7 days a week

5) Would you recommend Progenex to others? Why / why not ?

Yes – I already have. Many women don’t like the aftertaste of protein-powder, and therefore don’t use it. Progenex doesn’t have that same aftertaste. Furthermore, it’s really low in calories, which is good if you want to lose weight and keep lean mass at the same time.

6) How would you rate Progenex on a scale from 1- 10?

9 – I would like to say 10, but the price makes it a 9. It’s expensive for students, but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it.

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Support Team Butcher’s Garage @ CrossFit Games 2011

Team Butcher’s Garage will be the only Danes participating in the entire competition – and we are looking forward to 3 days of fierce competition at the 2011 CrossFit Games. Any donations or sponsorships to support our trip would be much appriciated. Donations can be placed here:

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