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Road to the 2011 CrossFit Games: our weekly training – week 2

Team Butcher’s Garage has been doing the following WODs this passed week:

  • Individual WOD: ”Barbera” (5 rounds of: 20 pull-ups, 30 push-ups,  40 sit-ups, 50 squats)
  • Individual lift: back squat 5 RM
  • 2 x team WODs

5 RM back squat

Our average 5RM back squat was 108 kg. – Kyle excelled and did a 5RM @ 170 kg.


All team members did the individual WOD “Barbara” in more than 30 min. incl. rest – except from Kyle who did it in 28:46 min. incl. the 12 min. rest 🙂

2 team WODs

The first team WOD was men against women….

Team A: Kyle + Nicholas

Team B: Ditte, Sanne + Sarah


  • 25 women/50 men muscle-ups
  • 125 women/100 men overhead squats @ 30/40 kg.
  • 1500 m. row

Result: Ditte, Sanne + Sarah won (with a few seconds)

WOD2: Team Chipper (Kyle, Nicholas, Ditte, Sanne, Sarah)

2 rounds of:

  • 400 m. run
  • 15 jumps over hurdles 28”/24”
  • 15 dumbbell squat cleans 22/15 kg.
  • 30 double unders
  • 15 push-ups (hand release)
  • 15 atomic sit-ups
  • 30 yards walking lunges

Activities this week:

  • Tuesday 28. June: Ditte and Sanne will be shaking and selling cold and fresh Progenex recovery shakes 16:00-19:00 @ CrossFit Butcher’s Lab
  • Saturday 2. July: Charity day and party @ CrossFit Butcher’s Garage (WODs and workshops all day/banko, BBQ, music and drinks in the night). All crossfitters and friends are more than welcome all day and night.

Support Team Butcher’s Garage @ The CrossFit Games 2011

Team Butcher’s Garage will be the only Danes participating in the entire competition – and we are looking forward to 3 days of fierce competition at the 2011 CrossFit Games. Any donations or sponsorships to support our trip would be much appriciated. Donations can be placed here: