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PROGENEX – 6 quick questions to Sarah Troelsen Krarup

Sarah from TEAM BUTCHER’S GARAGE (Denmark) finished 2th in the team competition at the European CrossFit Regionals 2011 and will be representing Denmark and Europe at the CrossFit Games 2011 in USA.
1) How often do you use Progenex products?
After demanding training sessions
2) Which products do you use?
Recovery + more muscle
3) What is your favourite taste?
Belgian chockolate – love that taste 🙂:-)And the first products that I actually like (have tried a lot….)


4) Do you feel any effect on your performance and/or recovery?
YES, I feel a difference in my recovery time – probably a combination of using Progenex and training smarter instead of harder. I feel that I can hit each lifting session, sprint session and CrossFit WOD hard. I have improved my snatch from 45 kg. to 58 kg. by training smarter and focusing on recovery 🙂

5) Would you recommend Progenex to others? Why / why not ?
YES – who doesn’t want to be on top in their daily life and in their training 🙂:-) Working full time as a lawyer, having a 11 months old son and training for the CrossFit Games 2011 is TOUGH. I need to be as strog as possible every day.

6) How would you rate Progenex on a scale from 1- 10?
10 – especially the belgian chockolate taste (can be used for pancakes as well).

See Sarah’s athlete profile, PRs etc. here – and follow my daily training here.

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