2 x CrossFit Camps 2012 @ Club La Santa Sport (Canarian Islands, Spain)

Repeating the success from the CrossFit Summer Camp 2011 @ Club La Santa Sport

The program for the 2 x 2012 CrossFit camps is out – see more here.

  • Week1: 25-31 May 2012
  • Week2: 7-13 September 2012
  • Number of participants/week: 20

Teachers: Kyle Raymond, Ditte Jacobsen & Sarah Troelsen Krarup

All other activities are open for everybody attending the CrossFit summer camp….

See Club La Santa Sport’s other sports offers here.

Where: Club La Santa Sport, the island of Lanzarote (Spain, one of the 7 canarian islands) – see map here.


Price/CrossFit event: 100 EUR

Booking: Booking via Club La Santa Sport: + remember to sign up for the CrossFit week as well

Kids: Club La Santa Sport offers childcare and a lot of actvities for kids.

Max no. of participants: 20/week

Teachers: Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup, Ditte Jacobsen & Kyle Raymond

Teaching will be in English and Danish. 

Read more about La Santa sport here in Danish and in English.

(*) La Santa Sport is Danish owned but visited by guest and sport fanatics from all over the world, as Club La Santa Sport is one of the World’s best sports/vacation facilites in the World! Several national teams from all over the world in various sports train at Club La Santa Sport every year/many times per year, La Santa Sport hosts famous IronMan Competitions, Marathons etc. Don’t miss the CrossFit week!

Danish aticle about La Santa Sport (8 JAN 2011, Berlingske Tidende).