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Post CrossFit Games 2011 – Mikko Aronpää, unaffiliated, Finland

Name: Mikko Aronpää
Age: 27
Affiliate: unaffliated
Country: Finland
Individual/team participation: individual
Placement: 34.
Participation in other CrossFit Games/year + placement: no

How did you like the CrossFit Games 2011?

It was an awesome experience. I met so many nice people and the entire atmosphere at Home Depot Center was insane. I enjoyed so much about the trip to California.

Which WOD did you like the most + why?

The beach workout. Running and longer metcons felt great before the Games, so I was confident about that event. I was a little concerned about 50 men rushing into water at the same time, so I took swim easily and then went hard on the run. I liked that run was on a soft sand because that made it even harder.

Which WOD did you dislike the most + why?

Muscle-up wod because it went so bad. I totally died on the muscle-ups, and that was embarrassing.

Are your satisfied with your training leading up to the Games?

Yes. I did everything I possibly could and I felt ready for the Games.

Are your satisfied with your effort and placement at the Games?

No. I was very disappointed with my performance. Some events went well, but overrall it was a big disappoinment.

How could you prepare better for next year – would you change something?

To be more prepared, I would need much better training facilities. Globo gym doesn’t meet the demands anymore because I’m not able to all workouts I should in order to compete at the games level. I still haven’t decided if I’m competing next year. Time will tell 🙂

PS: Good luck to everyone competing at the FIT AS FU*K 2011. I’ll be checking via internet how it goes 🙂